The Careerstead™ helps you build a healthy career.
A fit career.
A career that can take you to sky-high success
and keep you there!

This is your personal space, where you can:

In short, the Careerstead™ is like having a home fitness center for your career.

Are You

... tired of being the victim rather than the master of the changes in your job, your employer and your industry?

... determined to develop a strong and durable career so you can land your dream job and hold onto it?

... ready to be the best you can be at work and lead a career that rewards and fulfills you?

If so, the Careerstead™ will give you the knowledge and tools to achieve those goals.

Just make the commitment to come here regularly, and you’ll learn how to build a foundation for success with Career Fitness and how to manage your career to success with Career Activism.


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Learn the principles and practices of the Career Fitness System – a regimen for building success in today's hyper- competitive job market and workplace.





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The Careerstead™

Peter Weddle

The Careerstead™ – a home for recruiter’s career success – and Next Practices were created by Peter Weddle. Described by The Washington Post as "a man filled with ingenious ideas," he’s the author or editor of over two dozen books and a former columnist for National Business Employment Weekly and the interactive edition of The Wall Street Journal. To learn more about Peter, click here.