Month: February 2009

Be Creative, But Not Naïve

Here’s the good news: recessions are the furnaces of creativity. They produce new innovators and entrepreneurs at an extraordinary rate. In fact, a recent survey of CEOs found that almost two-thirds had been fired or laid off before founding their company. But there’s also a dark side to this creativity. Most new companies fail. Why?

Buck the Habit

Mexican pottery has long been prized in the United States. Its unique colors and designs make it attractive on the dinner table or on display. In recent years, however, it’s also been stigmatized as potentially life threatening. You see, Mexican pottery is traditionally made with a lead based glaze. Its brightly hued Aztec figures can

The Two-Way Street

Although it’s happened in other recessions, this time, it’s far more pronounced. The companies that are laying people off are also hiring. Slowly to be sure, but they are hiring. And that creates a dilemma. As I describe in my book, Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System, one of the key strategies for building

Defibrillator Jobs–Part I

Defibrillator Jobs–Part I My New Blog-WorkStrong Before I begin this week’s column, I would like to invite you to visit my new blog which you’ll find on the home page of the WEDDLE’s Web-site. Called WorkStrong, its audacious mission: is to help bridge the looming gap between the working men and women on either side

The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Listen to most evening news reports or the opinions of many of the pundits on cable, and you’d think we Americans are on the doorstep of a second Great Depression. Turns out, much of this commentary is more fear mongering than fact. According to Bradley R. Schiller, author of The Economy Today, these are the

Tread Carefully

As you may know, one of the things my company does is publish print guides to job boards. By our count, there are at least 50,000 of these sites now operating in the U.S. That, however, was before the economy went south. I guess it was inevitable, but with millions of Americans now looking for

Are You Stumped?

Stumped used to be a slightly negative term.  It meant that you were held back or held up, usually by forces beyond your control.  In short, when you were stumped, you were stopped. That was particularly true in the world of work.  If you were stumped by a prejudiced boss or an inflexible HR system,

Put Your Money on You

Recently, there’s been some angry commentary online about the small but growing number of job boards that charge visitors for access to some or all of their services. Many, but certainly not all of the posts talk about these sites as if they were the second coming of Bernie Madoff. In the view of the

Fire the Fools

Most CEOs have never been in the military. Their idea of courage is facing the (so-called) stress of doing a deal or meeting Wall Street’s expectations. So, here’s a lesson in leadership that even the most junior second lieutenant knows and practices every day: you eat last. That’s right, whether it’s in the mess hall

A Career Do-Over

A Career Do-Over One of John Lennon’s most famous songs is entitled Just Like Starting Over. It’s a love poem, but I think it holds a powerful lesson for many of us in the world of work, as well. The song begins with the soft ringing of a bell and then Lennon makes this simple