Month: April 2009

Filling the Diversionary Gap

Glum commentary about the economy is everywhere these days. Whether it’s news programs, talk shows, or GMA, Today and the Early Show, it’s all but impossible to get away from people losing jobs, companies going bankrupt and leaders who have let us down. What are we doing to preserve our sanity? Apparently, more and more

Are You a Member of Today’s Lost Generation?

In 1926, Ernest Hemmingway described his contemporaries, disillusioned with life after World War I, as the Lost Generation. Today, the United States has yet another Lost Generation. Unlike its predecessor, however, this population isn’t (yet) driven by angst, but by desperation. They need a job and are lost about how to find the right one

The War for Work

Job security is so over. It has been for fifteen years. For much of that period, many of us pretended otherwise. It was just easier that way. But now, with CEOs pulling down pink slips as fast as mail room clerks, there’s no avoiding the truth. Job security has been terminated. For everybody. It was

We Don’t Do Careers

We Don’t Do Careers You Can’t Find a Job With a Wimpy Career This is the toughest job market in 100 years, so looking for a job the old fashioned way simply isn’t going to cut it. What should you do differently? Visit to find out. is “your careerspace” for the 21st Century.

A Base to Build Your Dreams On

President Obama recently gave a speech in which he recounted the parable at the end of the Sermon on the Mount. He used the tale to describe how the nation must prepare itself to recover from this Great Recession. I think it’s equally as appropriate a plan for how each and all of us must

Be a Security Blanket

R&D Spending Holds Steady in Slump. That was the headline in The Wall Street Journal yesterday. Despite the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression, a survey by the Boston Consulting Group found that R&D spending is down less than 1% this quarter. What does that mean for job seekers and recruiters? The surest