Month: August 2009

Offering a Critique is Not Being Critical

Many of us are reluctant to critique the efforts of those in transition. They have enough problems, the thinking goes, without someone looking over their shoulder and pointing out their missteps. That’s certainly a well-meaning point of view, but unfortunately, it has two unintended and very negative consequences: • First, it prevents job seekers from

Double Parked Outside Starbucks

In most cities and towns, it’s against the law to double park. Running in to the local Starbucks to get an extra hot skinny latte isn’t an exception. Yet, that doesn’t seem to bother some of us. Apparently, they think the rules don’t apply to them. They don’t just double park, they cut into lines

Career Security

Career Security A recent poll of U.S. workers found that the one thing we most want from our employers is job security. While that’s completely understandable in today’s crazy world of work, I’m afraid we’re more likely to get a visit from our fairy godmother. The global economy is now more interconnected and interdependent than

The Smart Thing to Do

It was the lead story in the Life section of Monday’s USA Today. Apparently, a growing number of those in transition are turning to game shows to turn their fortunes around. They’re lining up to compete on the likes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Deal or No Deal and even Are You Smarter

A Pandemic of Career Deficiency

The New York Times reports that unemployment benefits will shortly run out for many American workers. Congress extended the eligibility period for those benefits to 79 weeks in a number of states (46 weeks or more in others), convinced that a year and a half would be more than enough for most people to find