Month: September 2009

The Job Market Version of Catch 22

The Job Market Version of Catch 22 Billions of words have been written about job search tools and tactics in this job market of our discontent. Job board dos and don’ts. Twitter. Facebook. Building a personal brand. Improving your “findability.” It’s all good advice, but none of it will work if your career is sick.

Taking Your Foot Off the Pedal

“Why bother?” That was the retort recently from an unemployed person. Out of work for over a year, this individual was so discouraged he had given up. He wasn’t even looking for a job any more. Such a point of view is certainly understandable, but it makes about as much sense as taking your foot

The Vacuum in Our Careers

The Vacuum in Our Careers We’re all familiar with bubbles. There was the bubble in the 1990s and the housing bubble in the early years of this century. They were overheated investments that ultimately fell flat. In our careers, however, we’ve done exactly the opposite. Most of us have invested little or nothing in