Month: October 2009

Career Amnesia

You may have seen the news story. A teen was recently found in New York City with no memory of her name or personal history. Her amnesia was profound. Happily, however, the story ends well, as a CNN viewer recognized the girl’s photo and identified her as a missing person from Oregon. She’s now on

The Other Cause of Long Term Unemployment

The Other Cause of Long Term Unemployment A lot of us have been unemployed for a very long time. The conventional explanation for this situation is that layoffs have forced more workers to compete for fewer positions. While that’s true, it is not the only reason-nor the most important one-that so many people remain out

The Minimum Daily Requirements for a Healthy Career

Big events change things. The Great Depression reshaped the world view of at least several generations of Americans. And, the same is happening as we emerge from the late, unlamented Great Recession. Many of us will never again look at the world of work the way we used to. It’s different now—we’re absolutely convinced of

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

Last week, the blogosphere was all atwitter with the news that there are now six candidates for every job opening in the United States. That’s certainly a big increase from the historic norm—which is around 1.4 candidates per opening—but it’s hardly an earth-shattering event. Ask anyone in the job market today, and the ratio for

How to Deal With What Used to Be Called Failure

How to Deal With What Used to Be Called Failure Most of us go into a job search thinking we may be a little rusty, but confident that, basically, we know what to do. Then you do it, and the galling indifference and humiliating rejection begin. Employers don’t acknowledge your resume submissions, executive search and