Month: November 2009

The New Permanent

This Sunday’s New York Times had an article entitled “Not Taking ‘Not Hiring’ for an Answer.” Its theme was that “baby boomers were more persistent job-hunters than other age groups.” The tactics they’re using, however, can be just as effective for Gen Ys and Millennials. In particular, the article noted that more and more people

Isn’t Free a Four Letter Word?

Isn’t Free a Four Letter Word? Four letter words are generally thought to be unfit for public consumption. We counsel our kids to refrain from using them, and we do our best to abide by our own wisdom. It’s odd, therefore, that so many of us seem determined to rely on a four letter word

Things We Wish We Had Known

Things We Wish We Had Known The positive growth turned in by the American economy in the third quarter of this year suggests that maybe, just maybe this Great Recession is now in our rear view mirror. As it fades away, of course, the tales will begin about what we did during this terrible time.