Month: December 2009

What’s Ahead in 2010?

What’s Ahead in 2010? Prognosticating is a fine, old end-of-the-year tradition. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that the devil we know is bowing out and the devil we don’t know has yet to appear, but we seem especially interested in these forecasts during the last days of December. How much credence should we put in them?

Redefining TARP for Main Street

If you watched Meet the Press yesterday, you heard Alan Greenspan opine that of all the problems caused by the recession, perhaps the most serious will be its impact on the long-term unemployed. Today, there are almost 6 million Americans who have been out of work for 27 weeks or more. As Mr. Greenspan noted,

The American Dream

The American Dream The American Dream. While it is a quintessentially American aspiration, each of us has a unique vision of just what it is. For some, the dream is a chance to build a successful business. For others, it’s a home of their own. And for still others, it’s the opportunity to shop until