Month: January 2010

The Worst Generation

We’ve all heard of the Greatest Generation, the men and women who saved the world from totalitarianism in World War II. Well, now we have another generation deserving of its own title, but this one is different. It’s the Worst Generation—the single most self-serving and stupid group of “leaders” in the history of American business.

Correcting the Notion of a Self-Correcting Career

Correcting the Notion of a Self-Correcting Career A lot of people are angry and frustrated with their careers these days. They played the game and obeyed the rules, and still, they’ve been blindsided by circumstances that have battered their security and self-respect. They expected their career to be able to accommodate the situation, but it

Who’s Job is Job Satisfaction?

The Conference Board reports that 2010 is still a month young and already it’s set a new record. Almost half of all Americans (45%) report that they are dissatisfied with their jobs. That’s the highest the figure has been since the question was first asked, way back in 1987. What’s behind this malaise? Certainly, it

The End of Endings

The End of Endings