Month: August 2010

The Faux Independence of Steven Slater

The Faux Independence of Steven Slater Put Success in Your Pocket WEDDLE’s All Pro Career Pocket Planner packs everything you need for career success into 76 pages of pocket-sized power. And best of all, it costs just $2.95. For an investment of less than a cup of coffee, you can learn the steps required to

Cowardice at Work

If you want to know why a growing number of Americans are becoming career activists, you need look no further than the Board of Directors at Hewlett-Packard. If you’re wondering why so many of the country’s working men and women have taken their careers into their own hands, take a look at the cowardice of

Job Retraining Is Worthless

Job Retraining Is Worthless FREE Excerpt from Blockbuster New Book WEDDLE’s is pleased to offer its newsletter subscribers a FREE excerpt from Peter Weddle’s new blockbuster of a book, The Career Activist Republic. This recession has convinced a small, but growing segment of the American workforce that they can no longer afford to work as