Month: October 2010

The Corporate Investment in People: Verbal Capital or What Most Call Hot Air

Even as the job market is dripping away, employers are also changing the way they fill the jobs that remain. There has been little or no notice given to this shift, and it is only just now emerging as a strategy. Indeed, its early ramifications are likely to be hidden by staffing actions that appear

The Career Activist Republic: A New Workplace Movement

The Career Activist Republic: A New Workplace Movement The Career Activist Republic isn’t a labor movement; it’s a talent movement. You can join it for free, and it’s open to everyone. Why bother? The members of the Career Activist Republic are an elite community. They are “persons of talent” – people who are determined to

Has the American Dream Become the Chinese Dream?

The land of the free and the home of the brave has for many of its citizens become an unpredictable place consumed with anxiety. Poll after poll in late 2009 and early 2010 found the American people looking over their shoulder in fear. Time magazine even described the post-recession workplace as a new 9/11 for

The Desperation of Employers

We are in the midst of a “less jobs recovery.” Unlike the so-called jobless recovery after the 2001 recession, this period will be marked by “employment waterboarding” – the continuous drip-drip-drip of jobs out of the economy even as businesses stabilize and start to grow again. This never-ending shrinkage of the job market clearly poses