Month: November 2010

The Embarrassing Secret Inside America’s Corner Offices

America’s employers have long trumpeted the value of their workers. Senior executives wax eloquent in press reports and interviews about the critical role their employees play in the organization’s success. Their favorite descriptive term is “asset”—subtly signaling that they own those who toil for them—preceded by some superlative adjective such as “the greatest,” “most important,”

Victim or Master – It’s Your Choice

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those entering the workforce today can expect to experience 14 job changes by the age of 38. Their predecessors will likely see jobs come and go at similarly unprecedented rates. As in the past, some of those changes will be driven by employers, but in the emerging

Give the Gift of a Bright Future This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of a Bright Future This Holiday Season Are you looking to do something special this Holiday season for a college-age son or daughter, an out-of-work spouse or partner or a discouraged friend or neighbor? Well, now you can. Give them the gift of a bright future; give them a copy of The

A More Honest Form of Employment

A 2009 study conducted by the staffing firm Veritude found that an astonishing 97 percent of the respondent employers would not revert to their pre-recession staffing model once the crisis was over. And, almost half (47 percent) said that other than permanent employees would play a larger role in their post-recession workforce. While some of

The Ready Reserve of Corporate America

The Great Recession has battered the public image and standing of corporate America. In poll after poll, Americans rank the business sector at or near the bottom of the list of the institutions they most respect. In response to this situation, a small but growing number of employers have begun—without fanfare or formal declaration—to alter

Tired of Being Dissed? Join the Career Activist Republic

Tired of Being Dissed? Join the Career Activist Republic The Career Activist Republic is a Web-based community that is open to everyone. And free to join. It’s a rapidly growing group of men and women who are determined to work for themselves while being employed by someone else. They don’t want to be free agents,

The Corporate Curtain Comes Down

The corporate scandals of the early 21st Century began to weaken employers’ ability to dissemble with their workers. Strategic blunders of monumental proportions in the auto industry, inept and even corrupt leadership in the insurance and healthcare industries, and breathtaking arrogance and misjudgments in the financial services and investment banking industries have pulled down the