Month: December 2010

The Rules of the Game Have Changed

The current unemployment rate notwithstanding, much of corporate America still believes it is in a War for the Best Talent. This more intensified appreciation for high caliber workers has led many employers to adopt a new approach to human resource management. Unlike what one might expect, however, this shift does not establish a more perfect

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Visit the Facebook Page of The Career Activist Republic Learn more about the book that is revolutionizing the way America’s best workers achieve lasting success. Click here to visit the Facebook page of The Career Activist Republic. Read excerpts from the book and meet the author. Then, click the Like It icon and become a

The New Definition of a Qualified Candidate

As controversial as it may be to say it, the reality is that employers have now redefined what it means to be a “qualified candidate.” Historically, that term described a person who met the stated requirements for a job. Today, it means an individual who meets those requirements AND is able to prove that they

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Join the Career Activist Movement The Career Activist Republic, a movement of working Americans, is open to everyone. And free to join. Why bother? The Career Activist Republic is an elite community. It is an assembly of “persons of talent” who are determined to work for themselves while being employed by someone else. That includes