Month: January 2011

Fantasy Team Talent Management

America’s employers believe they are in a War for Talent, and their strategy for winning depends, in large measure, on financial incentives. While never on the same scale as that used with their senior executives, corporations have now begun to invest much more money to recruit and retain people of talent. Often these sums are

The Corporate & Individual Wars for Talent

A 2009 survey by Veritude hinted at the new talent imperative that is now emerging among many employers. While 62 percent of the human resource and procurement officials it surveyed had laid off employees in response to the recession, even more were doing so to improve the capability of their staff. An astonishing 63% of

Evaluate the Fitness of Your Career

Evaluate the Fitness of Your Career Are you ready to move ahead in your career, but wondering if you have what it takes to succeed in the post-recession economy? Are you looking for a new job, but wondering if you have what employers want these days in their new hires? Well, now you can answer

The Success Matrix

The Success Matrix While I’m first and foremost a writer, I also serve as the executive director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites, the trade organization for jobs boards, career portals and social media sites. That role has given me a unique perspective on the changing world of work in the United States

A Shortfall of Talent in a Surplus of Labor II

The competition for talent remains fierce. While one-out-of-five Americans are now unemployed or under employed, many if not most employers still face an acute shortage of people who have rare skills or are rare performers. The origins of this talent shortfall are two developments that began over a quarter century ago and continue to this

A Shortfall of Talent in a Surplus of Labor

Hard as it may be for those in the job market to believe, many employers still think they are waging a War for Talent. Despite the tsunami of resumes flowing into their emailboxes, they remain convinced that there is a shortage of two kinds of workers: those with rare skills and those who are rare

The Importance, the Absence and the Tragedy of Talent

In the past, employers were willing to hire those who had modest skills and train them to perform a job. Today, in the face of unprecedented marketplace competition, they will only employ individuals who have all of the skills to do a job and both the state-of-the-art knowledge and the determination required to use those