Month: February 2012

Make Yourself Linsane

Most of the world has, by now, heard of the basketball phenomenon known as Linsanity – the improbable rise to fame of Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. While his story provides a number of lessons for those aspiring to a career in professional sports, it can also be an important primer for those of us

Your Career Is Worth It!

Your Career Is Worth It! Most of us begin a new year with resolutions for self-improvement. We start diets or physical fitness programs. We commit to spending more time with our families or doing something for others. But what about our careers? Shouldn’t we be taking care of them, as well? We spend one-third of

Re-Imagine Yourself as a “Person of Talent”

We talk a lot about talent in this country. Recruiters say they’re in a War for Talent. The television tells us America’s Got Talent. But, what the devil is it? Our popular culture seems to imply that talent is either an exceedingly rare or indisputably exceptional skill. A pediatric nurse or a Super Bowl quarterback

Job Nation: The 100 Best Employment Sites

Job Nation: The 100 Best Employment Sites The American Staffing Association was kind enough to call me the “Zagat” of the online employment industry. And, just as Tim and Nina Zagat used their classic guides to identify the best restaurants, I have published a guide to the best employment sites on the Web. Called Job