Month: August 2012

A Strategy for Keeping Up

Why there’s no security in old fashioned education. My blog post at The Social Media Monthly. You’ll find it here. (It’s the second post down on the page.)

Why Good Enough Isn’t

I’m reading an insightful book right now called Race Against the Machine by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. The basic premise is that accelerating technological innovation is now destroying old jobs and creating new ones faster than people have been able to adjust. To make their case, the authors cite this depressing statistic: the decade

A Strategy for Keeping Up

The American workplace has become a blur of change. There are now more knowledge creators producing more new ideas and insights than at any other time in human history. Their prodigious output is fundamentally altering what working men and women need to know to be effective on-the-job. And, that new and more demanding imperative has

The Career Activist Republic

Recently, Paul wrote a review of my new book – A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream ( – on He said some very nice things about the book and closed by adding this: “Wally, if it doesn’t currently exist, has to be created, and needs to be in place

We Won the Medal Count, But …

We Won the Medal Count, But … … Are We Losing What Counts More? The U.S. may have won the medal count at the Olympics, but it is in danger of losing what counts more: our faith in the future. Pundits and commentators are now opining that the American Dream has been replaced by the

Don’t Get Hurt With Half an Education

Much as I admire David Leonhardt, the Washington Bureau Chief for The New York Times, a statement he made in his column this Sunday is just plain wrong. Or, more accurately, it is symptomatic of the myopia with which many of our experts and opinion-makers think about the unemployment crisis in this country today. In

Recast Yourself as a Career Athlete

I know we’re all suffering from Olympic metaphor fatigue, but honestly, the traits of Olympic athletes offer the best model there is for successful career self-management in today’s slugfest of an economy. The following excerpt from The Career Fitness Workbook (due out in September) explains what I mean. The best way to find a new

Recommended Summer Reading: A Multitude of Hope

Recommended Summer Reading: A Multitude of Hope Recently, a reviewer on strongly recommended that readers add A Multitude of Hope to their summer reading list. The book is Peter Weddle’s new novel about what’s happening to the American Dream. It’s a tale of three out-of-work Baby Boomers and a secret online group of workplace