Month: December 2013

You Are

The world conspires to make us believe we were born without talent.  The messages begin early and continue like a drum beat throughout our education and our career.  They say over and over again, “You’re not extraordinary.  You’re nothing special.”  I’m here to tell you that you are. How many times do we get bullied

Visit the All New

Visit the All New Modeled after Pinterest, the newly re-launched offers four channels of information and resources found nowhere else on the Web. The channels are specifically tailored for: Job Seekers Career Activists Employers & Recruiters Employment Site Professionals. What will you find at There are: Books & Tools for job search

With Apologies to Romeo, “Wherefore art thou, Juliet?”

I lived in Verona, Italy for three years when I was in high school so I couldn’t resist picking up Ann Fortier’s novel Juliet.  It’s the story of a modern day Juliet who discovers she’s somehow related to the famous one, only that maiden actually lived in Siena, not Shakespeare’s Verona. The tale bounces back