Month: February 2014

Revert At Your Own Risk

My last post dealt with the need for career self-management in these turbulent times.  The key phrase there, of course, is “in these turbulent times.”  Now that the economy appears to have stabilized and even improved, is it really necessary to be a Career Activist?  Has the reason for proactive oversight of your career disappeared?

Don’t Let Your Career Expire

Most of us know what we have to do to maintain our physical health.  Eat well, Exercise regularly.  Drink in moderation, if at all.  Get plenty of sleep.  See your physician for an exam from time-to-time (and more regularly as you age). There’s no rocket science involved, no secret formula you have to discover.  You

Bring Two Egos to Work

Egos sometimes get a bad rap.  They’re often associated with an outsized sense of self-worth or what might be called the Vladimir Putin complex.  But, egos can be a good thing, and for a successful career, you actually need two of them. Google’s dictionary defines ego as “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.”  In

Read Your Talent Out Loud

The mechanical printing press was invented in 1450.  Within fifty years, books had become widely available throughout society.  Yet, the oral tradition of books continued on for another five hundred years.  They were mostly read aloud until the last half of the 19th century.  Only then did private, silent reading become the norm. What has

Brand Yourself as a Kit Kat Bar

Did you see the news yesterday?  Time magazine named Kit Kat the most influential candy bar in history. While there were several factors involved in its selection, the most important was that it was specifically designed for sharing.  Its four sections are easily detached from one another so they can be handed out to friends

Futureproofing Your Career Part II

As I mentioned in my last post, futureproofing is now a core competency of successful career activism for one simple reason: In today’s workplace, there is only one certainty – tomorrow will be different from today. We’re now seeing more change more frequently than at any other time in the past 100 years or more. 

Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Make Your Job Search Headquarters Modeled after Pinterest, offers four channels of information and resources found nowhere else on the Web. And, one of those channels is specifically tailored for smart Job Seekers – those who want to find not just any job, but a great one! What’s in the Job Seekers channel

Futureproofing Your Career

As I mentioned in my last post, futureproofing is generally thought of as a proactive approach to managing whatever change the future may hold.  Its goal, of course, is to minimize the negative and maximize the positive impacts of that change.  Think of it as the way you “turn lemons into lemonade.” While the goal

A Tango With Prosperity

I watched a movie this weekend called Playing By Heart.  It tracks the stories of eleven people as they look (or don’t) for love.  At one point during the movie, a character declares that: “Talking about love is like dancing about architecture.”  It is, she opines, both nonsensical and a waste of time.  Happily, this

Earn What You’re Worth

You’ll spend one-third of your life on-the-job, so don’t you deserve a paycheck commensurate with that time you put in?  Absolutely not.  In today’s economy, you earn what you’re worth … to your employer. The conventional wisdom is that the shrinking middle class standard of living in this country is the fault of greedy employers.