A Machine Wants Your Job

A Machine Wants Your Job

The news this week was sobering. Corporate profits are healthy and hiring has flat lined. The stock market has reached its highest levels ever, and job security has tanked. What’s going on?

The linkage between bottom line success and employment was severed with the advent of a global marketplace. As anyone with a pulse knows, U.S. employers now compete with companies around the world, many of which are located where labor is much cheaper than in the U.S..

What’s been their response? They’ve either adopted a strategy of off-shoring the work to those lower cost locations or they’ve embarked on a campaign of incessant increases in productivity.

Initially, the productivity campaign was based on a strategy of “doing more with less.” As a consequence, Americans now work more days and take fewer and shorter vacations than any other workers on the planet.

But, here’s the rub. There’s a limit to how much work you can squeeze out of even a willing human. So, employers are now implementing a new productivity padding strategy.

They’re replacing their human workforce with a workforce of terminators – machines that are designed to take your job and kill your prospects for reemployment (even if you wear a white collar).

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