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May 10, 2016

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A Prescription for the Soul

A Prescription for the Soul is an intriguing and soul-searching novel that asks – and tries to answer – some very disquieting questions on American morality and values.
–Foreword Reviews

There has never been a more appropriate or important time for a book like A Prescription for the Soul. This historical novel goes beyond a nostalgic tale to expose the roots of today’s hyperbolic Presidential campaign. But more than that, A Prescription for the Soul challenges us to do better by our country and ourselves, to leave a legacy worthy of our heritage.

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Career Fitness: Practice Contingency Planning

We live in turbulent times. It’s become commonplace to say that change is the new normal, but that’s wrong. Thanks to ever advancing technology, shifting principles of business leadership, morphing market dynamics and even budgetary constraints, there is no normal in today’s workplace. As difficult as it may be to accept, the very nature of work, professions and careers is now unstable.

That wise philosopher Yoda once remarked, “Always in motion is the future.” In this galaxy, however, it’s the present that’s hyperactive. Not changing, for change indicates deviation from a previous steady state. Rather, we are experiencing flux or the absence of a steady state. Our work, our professions, our careers are no longer predictable.

We may pine for a less uncertain and more reliable past, but we succeed by facing the reality of our present. Moreover, unpredictability does not mean we surrender to the fickle finger of fate. Instead, it requires our commitment to honing a new skill: contingency planning. In addition to expertise in our field of work, career success now depends upon our preparation for a range of uncertain, but possible opportunities and challenges.

Contingency planning has at least two potential benefits:

  • The better your preparation for what might happen, the less damage an unpredictable obstacle can cause your career;
  • The better your preparation for what you want to happen, the less chance you will have to do something you don’t want to do.

In short, contingency planning ensures you aren’t the victim of flux, but rather its master or at least its tamer. It’s not full proof, of course, but it minimizes surprises at work and maximizes your ability to shape the course of events in your career.

The Basics of Contingency Planning

Contingency planning starts with situational awareness – a recognition of what’s going on around you – in your work team, your employer, your profession, your industry, even your hometown. Sadly, that insight is rare because many of us still harbor the illusion that our careers will continue as they always have – the steady state – if we just devote ourselves to doing a good job. Excelling at work is a precondition for success, of course, but in a workplace in flux, it is insufficient to achieve that end. You also have to look around to see if anything is happening or might happen that could impact your ability to continue to do good work.

Situational awareness is best accomplished in two steps:

  • First, you must invest the time on a regular basis to read and/or listen to what’s being said about your work team, employer, profession, industry and hometown.
  • And second, you must set aside time for a “situation appraisal” at least twice a year to take stock of what you’ve learned, to identify potential threats to your career and to evaluate your own position relative to them.

Next, you must take steps to act on that insight. Situational awareness is only worth doing if it’s coupled with an action plan that prepares you for the unpredictable.

  • First, list the potential disruptors to your career (e.g., a possible relocation of your employer’s facility, the growing use of software to do some or all of the tasks you normally perform, employers moving from hiring for full time, permanent positions to hiring for part time, contract or temporary positions).
  • Next, based on what you’ve read or heard, prioritize the disruptors into three buckets: near term (could happen in the next 1-2 years), mid-term (could happen in the next 3-4 years) and long term (could happen in the next 5 or more years);
  • Then, for those potential disruptors in the near term, identify the ways you can protect yourself (e.g., start a quiet, but active job search, take a college course that will expand your skill set and ability to perform new tasks at work, explore alternative industries where your skill set can be used).
  • Finally, develop an action plan that will either protect you from the threat or launch you in a new direction that’s more beneficial for you and implement that plan. Then, at every future “situational appraisal,” assess both your progress and the likelihood that your plan will provide the protection and/or opportunity you seek. Make adjustments, as necessary, to keep yourself safe and moving forward.

No one’s crystal ball is perfect, so neither is contingency planning. Therefore, the key to realizing its benefits – avoiding unpleasant surprises and achieving desired goals – is constant reassessment. As Winston Churchill once opined, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

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