A Selfie Once a Quarter

A Selfie Once a Quarter

Everybody from the Pope to Justin Timberlake is doing it.  Using a cell phone to take a self-portrait or what has now come to be known as a “selfie.”  Typically, it’s done to memorialize some special moment – a chance encounter with a famous person or a reputation burnishing event – so it can be shared with friends and fans.

The notion of taking time out – even for just a couple of minutes – to take a look at one’s self can also be helpful to a career.  I’m not proposing that you actually pull out your cell phone and take a picture, but rather, that you pause periodically to see what others see when they look at you.

Why is that important?

Because in today’s turbulent workplace, the perception that you’re standing still in your field produces the reality of going backwards.  If you aren’t growing, developing, adding new skills and knowledge on a regular basis, then rewarding employment opportunities and ultimately the ability even to find work will pass you by.  That’s just as true, by the way, during a job search as it is on-the-job.

So, to the list of people performing selfies, let’s add our community of Career Activists.  As I explain in The Career Fitness Workbook, each of us should perform a quarterly performance review – think of it as a selfie for career success.  Unlike your employer’s performance appraisal, it doesn’t look at what you’ve done; it illuminates what you can do.

What can you learn from such a selfie?  If you see the very same person quarter after quarter, so will others in the workplace.  And, that unchanging portrait puts your career in jeopardy.  If, on the other hand, you see a new person – one with additional insights, experience, knowledge, skills or capabilities – then so will others.  And, that means you’re poised for career advancement.

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