The Careerstead™ offers you several ways to get ahead in your career.  They include:


The Career Opportunity Alert

The best openings come and go at warp speed, so stay connected with the job market even as you go about your business day, take the kids to soccer practice, and binge watch your favorite TV show. The Career Fitness Career Opportunity Alert makes sure you’re always tapped into the best jobs posted on dozens of job boards and other employment sites … and it’s totally free!


The TRUEad™ Program

One of the keys to Career Fitness is to learn how to protect yourself from bad ads posted online.  These fraudulent ads – or job scams are they are also called – come in many variations. Some ask you for a fee up front to obtain information about a “sure-fire” job offer. Others promote fake openings to phish for your personal data that can then be used to tap into your financial accounts. So, take this free tutorial on the how to spot and avoid these treats to career success.


WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards

Who has the best insight on which job boards are most helpful? The answer to that question is obvious … it’s the job seekers who use the sites. And, that’s what the annual WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards are all about. They recognize the elite of job boards and other employment sites, according to the most discerning judges around – that would be you!  So, click here to cast your site and see the most recent winners of the Awards.