Avoid the Foul Cats of Business

Avoid the Foul Cats of Business

Exercise Number 5 in my Career Fitness System is called Work With Winners. Although it encompasses four different activities, the concept is simple. Career success is best achieved when you’re employed by organizations that support you and with coworkers who enable you to do your best.

In the past, you performed this exercise by being a smart consumer of employers. You refused to work for any organization that was controlled by “fat cats” – business leaders who gorged on the organization’s profits and left little or nothing for the employees who actually created them.

In today’s world of work, you have to practice the same principle, but you do so by avoiding employment with “foul cats.”

As I explain in my upcoming book Walden 4G: A Novel About Rediscovering Hopefulness (and America’s Secret Utopia), foul cats dump all over the organizations they run. They cripple and eventually ruin those organizations by wasting the talent of their employees.

Foul cats often talk about the importance of their employees, but that’s the limit of their commitment. They think technology is the key to success in global markets so all they have to invest in people is verbal capital … or what you and I call hot air.

When you work for an organization run by foul cats, therefore, you put your career at risk. Such employers don’t value your contribution and do nothing either to reinforce your work or expand the satisfaction you derive from it.

What’s the alternative?

Work with winners. Only share your talent with the employers that give you the respect and support you deserve.

To adopt that strategy, however, you have to be a winner too. That means you must keep your talent at the state-of-the-art and you must bring it to work with you every single day. I call that Career Activism. If foul cats have nine lives, it’s their tenth.

Work Strong,

Note: To read more about Career Fitness and Career Activism, get my books, Work Strong: Your Personal Career Fitness System and The Career Activist Republic. Both are available at Amazon.com, in many bookstores and on Weddles.com.

Look for my new book, Walden 4G: A Novel About Rediscovering Hopefulness (and America’s Secret Utopia), due out next spring.


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  2. I love it when we all work with winners. Life goes by so much easier when you work with people you respect and that you respect their work habits.