Being There is All the Fun

Being There is All the Fun

Movie director Steven Spielberg dropped a bombshell at a University of Southern California film school symposium the other day.  He said the movies as we know them are doomed.

He explained that the notion of observing a performance through a square screen – whether it’s in a cinema or on your notebook computer – was so limiting, so constrictive that it will shortly go the way of the rotary phone.

What will replace it?  A more immersive environment.  The future of movies, he opined, was to put the audience in the middle of the experience, to surround them with the action.

That shift in perspective is also what we should be seeking for our careers.  Right now, most of us observe our career through the square screen of our employer’s mission and needs.  We see our work as depicted by its annual performance appraisal, its promotions and its awards.  And, we deserve, we need a more personal point of view– one that is based on our goals and our talent.

So, the future of careers – like the future of movies – must be a more immersive environment.  Only that perspective puts us at the center of the action.

Unlike in the movies, however, we must be more than simple spectators.  We must also be the director of the action.  We must be the inspired players of our own dramas at work.  And, we must create our own masterpieces and award ourselves our own Oscars.  To put it another way, we must be the Steven Spielberg of our own work performance.

Work Strong,