Brand Yourself as a Kit Kat Bar

Brand Yourself as a Kit Kat Bar

Did you see the news yesterday?  Time magazine named Kit Kat the most influential candy bar in history.

While there were several factors involved in its selection, the most important was that it was specifically designed for sharing.  Its four sections are easily detached from one another so they can be handed out to friends and colleagues.

We should manage our career in exactly the same way.  Why?  Because sweet-sharing brings you real security in an insecure world.

As many of us have discovered the hard way, no matter how hard or smart you work, there is no job security in today’s turbulent economy.  It is possible, however, to achieve “career security” – the ability always to be employed and always by an employer of your choice.

Just as with the Kit Kat bar, several factors influence career security, but sharing is probably the most important.  The more of it you do, the more able you are to savor the sense of wellbeing that comes from sustainable employment.

What should you share?  Your knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, wisdom.  Make your talent the gift you keep on giving.

Where should you share that talent?  On-the-job, in meetings of your professional society and trade association, in discussion forums on the Web and anyplace else where you interact with peers and coworkers.

Brand yourself as a Kit Kat bar of talent, and you’ll have career security for as long as you work.

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