Bridging Gaps in Your Qualifications

Bridging Gaps in Your Qualifications

There are two kinds of harmful gaps in a job search. They are a lack of experience and a lack of skills. Both seem like insurmountable barriers because you can’t gain experience without work and it takes time to acquire skills. And yet, there is a way to bridge the gaps so long as you are willing to take off your fuzzy slippers.

In a society that exults in its uber-connectedness, it’s odd that distance is the defining culture of today’s job market. Everything we do, from networking with others and communicating with recruiters to contacting those who might be our future coworkers, is done – not at arm’s length, but at the tips of our fingers – as we sit at home in our fuzzy slippers and peck away on our keyboards.

No matter how much we revel in our connections and friends and follows, however, the net effect of such distant interactions is shallow relationships.

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