Career Fitness: Use the Right Employer Career Sites

Career Fitness: Use the Right Employer Career Sites

Career Fitness: Use the Right Employer Career Sites

There are only two kinds of employer career sites: those that operate as a store and treat you as a widget for sale, and those that operate as a farm and help you nurture your skills and knowledge. It’s easy to distinguish between the two, and that insight should shape where you look for a new or better job.

Whether they label it “Careers” or “Jobs” or “Employment,” the area set aside for job seekers on most employers’ Web-sites has a distinctly transactional feel. You can almost hear them saying “Hey, we’re a buyer of labor, you’re a seller of labor, let’s do a deal.” It’s gussied up with pretty pictures, of course, and solemn declarations about the importance of employees, but when all of the superficiality is stripped away, visitors are seen and treated as a collection of interchangeable widgets.

So what should job seekers and career activists do?

First, recognize this truism: The way you are treated as a candidate is a good approximation of the way you will be treated as an employee. If you don’t mind working (and being laid off) as a widget, then by all means, apply for the openings posted on the career pages of employers that treat you that way. On the other hand, if you’d like to be treated as a “person of talent” – a human being capable of delivering excellence on-the-job – then don’t waste a minute on the employers that operate such “hiring stores.”

Second, learn to spot the employers who believe in and recruit for persons of talent. Their “career” areas deserve that label because they look and act like a farm that’s designed to promote your growth and success at work. They still work hard to fill their open positions, of course, but they do so in a way that helps you make smart career choices. In addition, they provide a range of resources that you can use to advance yourself … whether you go to work for them or not.

Look for a Careerstead™

The best employer career areas have two distinctive features:

  • they provide the information you need to make a smart decision about an employment opportunity; and
  • they provide a range of resources to help you manage your career effectively.

In effect, they act as a “careerstead” – a homestead for your career.

The Information You Need

Instead of writing job postings with “Requirements & Responsibilities” – the information employers think you should know – the best employers post ads that give you the information you want to know. They do that by answering five questions:

  • What will you get to do?
  • What will you get to learn?
  • What will you get to accomplish?
  • With whom will you get to work?
  • How will you be recognized and rewarded?

Those answers provide the insights you need to make an informed decision about whether or not an opening is the right next step in your career.

A Range of Resources

Unfortunately, most of us have never acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to manage our own careers effectively. We may be experts in our field, but we are novices when it comes to knowing how to:

  • Audit a skill set and remediate the deficiencies;
  • Identity what should be the next step in a career to keep it moving forward;
  • Determine what preparations are necessary to achieve that next step;
  • Deal with biased bosses and other obstacles to career success; and
  • Succeed in a way that delivers lifelong purpose and meaning.

Believe it or not, there are employers out there that provide articles, toolkits and even online courses to help you acquire these and other skills. Far from seeing you as just another widget, these organizations respect you as a “person of talent” so they are great places to work and their career areas make a great home for your career.

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