Cloudy With a Chance of Talent

Cloudy With a Chance of Talent

Think what would happen if someone invented a machine that would suddenly unleash everyone’s talent.  All at once, there would be this huge deluge of creative and inspiring ideas pouring down over the workplace.  People would be drenched in the happiness that comes from doing what they love to do and do best.  Sure, employers would thrive, but equally as important, every working person on the planet would cherish the time they spent on-the-job.

What a forecast!  But, is it – like the movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – just a detour from reality, a jaunt through our imagination?  Is it fantasy to think that all of us might be able to discover our endowed capacity for excellence and bring it to work with us?

I’m here to tell you it’s not.  In fact, the notion of a global tempest of talent isn’t any more farfetched than another totally unbelievable development that’s getting considerable recognition these days.  It’s a story that goes like this:

A decade ago, a couple of college kids grew bored with leafing through the old print guide their school had published to help them meet their new classmates.  Being nerds, they were far from the top of the social pecking order, so they had plenty of free time on their hands.  After awhile, they devised a way to bring that print guide onto the Internet and make the chore of finding new friends infinitely quicker and easier.  Their original goal was simply to provide the guide to the campus community at their school, but … well, talent knows no bounds and in the space of just ten years, what you and I now call Facebook because one of the largest and best known companies in the world.

Now, that’s a story that’s hard to believe!  And yet, it’s absolutely true.  Which is why I’m certain there’s a downpour of talent forecast for each and every one of us.

It may not be expressed as a giant commercial enterprise – indeed, it might “just” be the profoundly kind act of caring for sick people in a small, local hospice or the genius of organizing coworkers into an ad hoc team that will solve the problems in a creaky service delivery process or the steady alertness that brings a city bus dependably through crowded streets day-in, day-out – but if it’s the expression of talent, it is every bit as important and beneficial to the human condition as an Internet site for friends and family.

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