Dreams Built to Last

Dreams Built to Last

What’s the most important single factor in forging a successful career in this relentlessly demanding century of ours?

Some would point to education, of course, and clearly that’s critical. We live in an age when knowledge is growing at a breathtaking pace. And yet, 53.8 percent of recent college graduates under the age of 25 are now either unemployed or underemployed.

So, education is vital, but no guarantee of job, let alone career security. In fact, having an education simply puts us on a par with our increasingly well-educated competitors in China, India, Japan, Germany, Korea, Brazil and a number of other countries. It is the price of admission to the contest, but not a formula for victory

What will produce success? What must we bring to work with us – in addition to our up-to-date knowledge – that will ensure we not only survive but prosper in the global economy?

In a word, it’s our imagination.

We have to throw off the shackles of position descriptions and stop limiting ourselves to such bureaucratic definitions of satisfactory work. We must stop doing our job and start imagining ways to do the work better, faster, more efficiently.

We’ve got to get beyond seeing ourselves as the “Can Do” nation and adopt a new vision of ourselves as the “Imagine This” nation. We need to see every day as a personal challenge to create new and more appealing products and services; new and more powerful strategies and tactics; new and more effective processes, procedures and policies.

That’s how we transform Made in America into a dream built to last. And, that’s how you protect your American Dream.

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