Earn What You’re Worth

Earn What You’re Worth

That’s the title of my column in the latest edition of the Career Activism newsletter.

Here are the first couple of paragraphs:

“You’ll spend one-third of your life on-the-job, so don’t you deserve more than a paycheck from your work – a paycheck, by the way, that’s growing smaller by the minute? Of course, you do. But how do you get more and what exactly is it?

The conventional wisdom is that the shrinking middle class standard of living in this country is the fault of greedy employers. And sadly, there are certainly plenty of examples to back up that view. But, here’s the rest of the story that’s gone largely unreported. There are also plenty of other employers – good and responsible employers – that are paying their employees fairly with both monetary and another more enduring form of compensation.”

To read the entire column, click http://weddles.com/primer/issue.cfm?Newsletter=56.

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