Evaluate your career

How healthy is your career?

CFworkbookcoverAre you building solid occupational strengths? Are you developing the level of competence and endurance you’ll need for long term success in your field of work? Or, is your career showing symptoms of being out of shape? Are you professionally flabby? Do you seem to be slowing down and unable to reach for opportunities as you once could?

As is often the case with their physical fitness, many people don’t know the answers to these basic questions about their occupational health. They assume that the day ahead will be just like the day before because they aren’t suffering from career cardiac arrest, or what most of us call unemployment.

But careers can be sick long before the pink slip arrives. There can be all kinds of hidden illnesses gnawing away inside a person’s career, weeks, months, even years before the symptoms visually manifest themselves in the workplace.

So, what should you do? How can you protect yourself from these career illnesses?

  • First, use WEDDLE’s Career Fitness Evaluation below to assess the health of your career.
  • Second, use The Career Fitness Workbook to repair the vulnerabilities and build up the strength, reach and endurance of your career.


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