Feature: 2006 User’s Choice Award Winners

Feature: 2006 User’s Choice Award Winners

Feature: 2006 User’s Choice Award Winners

This is the time of year for “Best of” lists. Experts and pundits scramble to proclaim their choices for what you and I should consider the superlative among us. The Best News Story of 2005. The Best “Can’t Lose” Stock Picks for 2006. The Best Ape Movie in the Last 25 Years. The Best Japanese-Peruvian Fusion Restaurant in the United States. The Best Football Team Since the Last Best Football Team.

It’s gratifying to know that we have so much expertise on which to rely. I find, however, that there’s a better judge of what’s best for job seekers, and that’s you. You’re the “everyday experts” who actually put products and services, plans and ideas through the paces. Your test laboratory is the real world. Your evaluation process is the day-to-day pushing and shoving that constitutes real work. And, in my opinion, your experience is the best basis for deciding what’s best.

That’s why I started the User’s Choice Awards three years ago. I was tired of pundits telling us which were the best job boards and career portals. It’s not that their views weren’t insightful and credible, it’s just that your views are more so. You see, the User’s Choice Awards identify the 30 best employment sites based on ballots cast by job seekers, employers and recruiters. Only they (and you) have the relevant perspective and first hand knowledge to determine what’s best online.

The voting runs all year long at the Polling Station on the WEDDLE’s site. This year, we had over 30,000 unique ballots cast for the winners. Clearly, this is not a scientific sample. Rather, like the All Star balloting in Major Leagues Baseball, it represents the opinions of those who care enough to take a moment and support their favorites. My thanks to all of you who participated.

So, who are the winners of WEDDLE’s 2006 User’s Choice Awards? They are:

America’s Job Bank, a general purpose employment site operated by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Best Jobs USA, a general purpose employment site operated by Recourse Communications.

CareerBank.coma specialty employment site focusing on finance, accounting and banking.

CareerBuilder.com, a general purpose employment site owned by Tribune Company, Gannett and Knight Ridder.

CareerJournal.com, a general purpose employment site from The Wall Street Journal.

ComputerJobs.com, a specialty employment site focusing on information technology professionals.

Computerwork.com, a specialty employment site focusing on tech talent.

craigslist, a community site that also supports general purpose recruiting.

Dice, a specialty employment site focusing on information technology and engineering professionals.

eFinancialCareers.com, a Europe-based employment site that specializes in banking and financial employment.

EmploymentGuide.com, a general purpose employment site affiliated with the print Employment Guide distributed outside convenience stores around the U.S..

ExecuNet, a specialty employment site that focuses on executives earning $100K/year or more.

HEALTHeCAREERS Network, a specialty employment portal connecting to 60+ medical and healthcare-related associations.

HRJobs, an association-based employment site that specializes in human resource management professionals.

JobsinLogistics.com, a specialty employment site that focuses on transportation, supply chain, and other logistics professionals.

JobsinME.com, a specialty site that focuses on employment in the state of Maine.

jobsinthemoney.com, a specialty employment site that focuses on the fields of finance, accounting and banking.

LatPro.com, a specialty employment site that focuses on Hispanic professionals.

MarketingJobs.com, a specialty employment site that focuses on sales, marketing and advertising jobs.

Monster.com, a general purpose employment site with worldwide operations.

Net-Temps, a specialty employment site that serves the staffing industry in both direct placement and temporary hiring.

6FigureJobs, a specialty employment site that focuses on $100K+/year executives and openings.

TalentZoo, a specialty employment site that focuses on the advertising, marketing and public relations industries.

TopUSAJobs.com, a general purpose employment site that offers a pay-for-performance advertising model.

TrueCareers, an employment site that is owned by the student loan company, Sallie Mae, and specializes in educated talent.

USAJOBS, the official employment site of the U.S. Federal Government.

Vault, a general purpose employment site that also publishes books and other resources for job seekers and employers.

VetJobs.com, a specialty site that focuses on U.S. military veterans and their families.

Workopolis, a Canada-based general purpose employment site owned by Bell Globemedia, Toronto Star Newspapers and Gesca, Ltd..

Yahoo! HotJobs, a general purpose employment site affiliated with the Internet portal Yahoo!.

While admitting to some bias, I think these sites represent the elite of the online employment industry. They have earned the allegiance and support of the toughest judges there are: the people who actually use them-You. Are there other great sites out there? You bet. And, if you know of one, please cast your ballot for the 2007 Award winners right now.

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P.S. Please tell your friends and colleagues about WEDDLE’s newsletter. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and benefit from your recommendation.

Section Two: Site News You Can Use

CareerJournal.com announced a partnership with Worthwhile Magazine. Under the terms of the agreement, CareerJournal.com will manage the magazine’s online job and resume databases, while the magazine will provide editorial content to both CareerJournal.com and its sister site, StartupJournal.com. The content, which addresses issues related to personal fulfillment and social responsibility, will be available to the sites’ visitors at no charge.

ExecuNet found recruiters and executive search consultants smiling about employment prospects for senior managers and executives over the next six months. In its “Recruiter’s Confidence Index” for November, 75% of the respondents were either confident or very confident that the executive employment market would improve during the period, up almost ten points from the previous month’s survey. In fact, they expect to see a 29% increase in search assignments from their clients. What does that mean for you? If you’re an executive in transition, don’t wait for recruiters to come to you. Redouble your efforts at networking and increase the frequency with which you check the ads posted at senior level employment Web-sites. How can you do both effectively? Use job agents. They’ll keep an eye on the postings for you, and, as a result, provide the time you need to network at sites where your peers and, potentially, recruiters hang out.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation released its free “Legal Guide for Bloggers.” The guide was published to address the potential embarrassment, legal liability, and employment risk individuals can incur when exercising their Constitutionally protected right of free expression on the Web. Its content is clearly written and its advice is sound-it will help you enjoy blogging without clogging up your future. Among its pointers:

  • You may use the trademarked name of a company (without the trademark symbol) unless you’re using it as the name of your own competing product or service or implying that the trademark holder endorses your content.
  • In criticizing another party, truth is an absolute defense against libel, but truth can be expensive to prove legally.
  • If you don’t name a person you’re criticizing but the person is still identifiable through the context of what you say, you can still be liable for libel.
  • If you criticize your boss or company in your personal blog, even if you do so during off-hours using your own computer and Internet service provider, you can be fired, legally, if you’re an “at will” employee.
  • The International Association of Employment Web Sites announced that it has reached 100 Member sites in its first 60 days of operation. Members range from Monster.com, Dice, CareerJournal.com and LatPro to Medzilla, mkt10.com, The New York Post, WorkplaceDiversity.com, JobStreet.com in Asia and eFinancialCareers in Europe. Why is this important to you? Because the Association’s icon, which will soon start appearing on Member sites, is the “Good Housekeeping seal of approval” for employment Web-sites. It’s a new and effective method for identifying job boards and career portals that are committed to delivering value and customer service.

    The New York Post reported yet another example of contemptible compensation practices among today’s corporate executives. According to an article by Roddy Boyd;

  • John Mack, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley, got a bonus of $11.5 million for just 6 months of work on-the-job;
  • Dick Fuld, Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers, got a bonus of $14.9 million (but he had to work a whole year); and
  • Hank Paulson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, got a bonus of $37 million (so he must have put in some overtime).
  • The amounts of money are obscene, in and of themselves, but what’s even worse is the nature of the work these “leaders” do. They preside over companies that stand up and cheer (and pump up the share price) of any company that lays off workers. In effect, they line their pockets with the misfortune of others. Shame on them.

    Section Three: Site Profiles

    Site Insite … how well do you know the Web’s 40,000+ job boards?

    1. After watching all of the disasters in 2005, you’ve decided to go into the nonprofit sector and pursue humanitarian work. Which of the following sites would provide assistance with your goal?

  • Idealist.org
  • NonprofitJobs.org
  • OpportunityNocs.org
  • JobsinNonprofit.com
  • 2. You’re a seasoned contract compliance professional looking to make a fresh start with a new employer in 2006. Which of the following sites would help you dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s” in your search for the best opportunity?

  • CareerBuilder.com
  • jobsinthemoney.com
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education (Chronicle.com/jobs)
  • craigslist.org
  • 3. You’re an experienced benefits person seeking a manager’s job with a new employer. Which of the following sites would help balance your checking on advertised jobs with all of the other things you have to do?

  • NationJob.com
  • PersonnelToday.com
  • HRJobs (SHRM.org)
  • IFEBP.org
  • (answers below)

    Site Spotlite … from the pages of WEDDLE’s 2005/6 Guides and Directories



    A WEDDLE’s 2006 User’s Choice Award Winner

    Post full time jobs: Yes

    Post part time, contract or consulting jobs: Yes – All

    Distribution of jobs: International

    Number of jobs: 20,000

    Salary levels of jobs: $51-75K/yr, $76-100K/yr

    Offer a job agent: Yes

    Resume database: No

    How long are resumes stored: N/a

    Restrictions on who can post: N/A

    Other services for job seekers: Listserv or discussion board, Assessment instruments (for fee), Career information, Links to career information at other sites

    `Member, International Association of Employment Web Sites: No

    Answers to Site Insite

    1. All of them.

    2. All of them.

    3. All of them.