Feature: Happy Holidays

Feature: Happy Holidays

Feature: Happy Holidays

Every year at this time-as the Holiday season settles in and the end of the year approaches-we at WEDDLE’s pause for a moment to reflect on our blessings. Yes, there’s no denying that the world is a troubled place these days and yes, indeed, it has been a challenging twelve months for those of us seeking a new or better job. Despite all of that, however, there is much for which we can be grateful. Our health, our families and friends, our freedom to live life as we choose, and our opportunity to pursue dreams that reward and fulfill us.

Each of those blessings is a special gift, something to be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest and always thankful for. For me, however, there’s one more reason to be grateful and it, quite frankly, is the simple fact that you are reading these words. I know that you have many other demands on your time, so I and my colleagues are especially appreciative of your interest in our research and publications.

We thank you for taking a little time out in a busy day to read my newsletter, for your patronage of our books, for the friendship you’ve shown me whenever I speak in your hometown and for your generosity in telling others about WEDDLE’s newsletter and books. These are special gifts, as well, and we are very grateful for them. So, all of us at WEDDLE’s send all of you and yours our best wishes for a wonderful December and a healthy and fulfilling New Year.

Peter Weddle

Section Two: Site News You Can Use

CollegeGrad.com announced the results of its annual Top Entry Level Employers Survey for 2003. According to the site, entry level hiring is up by 4% this year (that’s from very depressed levels in 2001 and 2002), with most of that growth occurring in small and mid-sized companies.

The Survey lists those organizations that have reported hiring entry level job seekers during the year. Hence, an organization may have filled a lot of entry level positions but still not appear on the list because it did not report that activity to CollegeGrad.com. Nevertheless, those employers that are listed did do quite a bit of hiring. The top three sites hired 6,000 or more new employees during the year, while the fourth organization hired almost 5,000 and number five hired 3,000 new workers. The top five employers appear below:

  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  • Disney
  • GEICO Direct [insurance-ed.]
  • Peace Corps
  • Boeing.
  • ExecuNet, an executive-level job search and networking company, released the results of a survey of staffing firms that asked them where they expected the greatest job growth to occur in the coming months. They reported:

    1. Medical/Healthcare

    2. Consumer Products

    3. Business Services

    4. Financial Services

    5. High Tech

    Respondents expect most of the growth to take place in mid-sized companies ($51-200 million in sales), mid-to-large companies ($201-$500 million in sales) and small companies ($11-50 million in sales).

    What kinds of jobs will these employers be filling? According to the survey, the following fields will be most in demand:

    1. Sales

    2. Marketing

    3. General Management

    4. Business Development

    5. Operations Management.

    How can you get in on this hiring activity? Make sure you know which niche sites specialize in the industry segments and career fields listed above. Then visit them regularly and , if they offer a job agent, sign up for that feature so you can keep an eye on the job market even while you’re doing something else.

    Society for Human Resource Management recently surveyed employees to gauge their satisfaction with the benefits their employers provide. (In a previous survey, benefits were rated the second most important factor in overall employee job satisfaction, behind job security). This survey found that employees in large organizations are more satisfied than those in smaller firms (74% to 47%). The benefits they wanted most were heath care, paid time off and retirement assistance.

    How can you put this information to work for you? First, make sure you do your homework on prospective employers. Visit their Web-sites and read through the information they provide on their benefits packages. Then, be selective. Limit your job search to those firms which offer the benefits that are most important to you.

    WEDDLE’s announces the release of its 2004 Job Seeker’s Guide to Employment Web Sites and its 2004 Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites. At this time of year-and any time-there are no more thoughtful and helpful gifts you can give to a friend or colleague, a spouse or child or even to yourself. To learn more and place your order, click on the appropriate button to your left.

    Section Three: Site Profiles

    Site Insite … how well do you know the Web’s 40,000+ job boards?

    1. If you were hoping to land a job as Santa Claus in a local department store in Alexandria, Virginia, where would you have a Grinch-like experience?

  • EasternSantas.com
  • Santa.com
  • HireSanta.com
  • HelloAlexandria.com
  • 2. If you wanted to apply your skills as a reindeer shepherd by working for an amusement park in Utah, which of the following sites would leave you lost in the wilderness?

  • CoolWorks.com
  • JobMonkey.com
  • Shepherd.edu
  • ResortJobs.com
  • 3. If you are looking for an in-store security job after the Holidays, which of the following sites would help you lock up a position?

  • SecurityJobs.net
  • JustSecurityJobs.com
  • iHireSecurity.com
  • CrucialSecurity.com
  • (answers below)

    Site Spotlite … from the pages of WEDDLE’s 2004 Guides and Directories

    Best Jobs USA



    Winner of 2004 WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award

    Post full time jobs: Yes

    Post part time/consulting jobs: Part time

    Distribution of jobs: National: USA

    Number of jobs: 5,555

    Salary levels of jobs: Hourly, $20-30K/year

    Offer a job agent: Yes

    Resume database: Yes

    How long are resumes stored: 365 days

    Restrictions on who can post: Those in a certain industry

    Other services for job seekers: Career/job search information, Links to off-site resources, Confidentiality feature in resume database

    Answers to Site Insite:

    1. Santa.com, an e-commerce site spreading Holiday cheer

    2. Shepherd.edu, the Web-site of Shepherd College in West Virginia

    3. iHireSecurity.com; all of the other sites deal with IT security.