Feature: Introducing WEDDLE’s 2005 Books

Feature: Introducing WEDDLE’s 2005 Books

Feature: Introducing WEDDLE’s 2005 Books

This is my last newsletter of the year and, by tradition, I take time out from my regular column to introduce the new books that we at WEDDLE’s will be releasing in January. As always, these resources are designed to help make you successful.

Conducting an effective job search campaign on the internet requires both skill and accurate, up-to-date information. The skill, of course, encompasses the Best Practices of Web-based research, networking, and job application-those are the topics of my newsletter. The information identifies where those skills should be applied in order for you to maximize the range of opportunities you see in the fields, industries and geographic locations that best suit you.

To put it another way, successful job seekers know exactly where online they will find the kinds of job in which they’re interested. Whether they’re actively looking for a new position or just keeping an eye on the job market, they have trusted sources that enable them to identify the right sites with the best openings right away. No dead-ends. No wasted effort. No disappointment or frustration.

Our mission at WEDDLE’s is to be that information source for you. The one that you count on. Every time. All of the time. That’s why we publish annual editions of our employment Guides and Directory and bi-weekly updates to them.

The newest edition of the books-those for 2005-will be coming off press in a matter of weeks. They are:

  • WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Web Sites Called the “consumer’s report” of job boards, this Guide selects 350 of the top employment sites and provides detailed information about their services, features and fees. Over 40% of the sites in the 2005 Guide are new, and 100% of the site information has been updated.
  • WEDDLE’s Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites Called the “address book” of job boards, the Directory lists over 8,000 sites and organizes them by career field, industry and geographic focus. This year’s Directory includes four new categories of sites (e.g., Defense, Energy, Mature/Senior Workers, Security-Building & Business), binging the total number of categories to over ninety-five. If you’re looking for the “hidden job market” online, this book is for you.
  • WEDDLE’s Guide to Association Web Sites Recruiters believe that the best talent online often hangs out at the Web-site of their professional association. This Guide makes sure you’re there to meet them when they show up. It describes the employment resources (i.e., job board, resume database, networking listserv or discussion forum) at over 1,500 association sites in the U.S..
  • The Catalog on our Web-site still lists the 2004 books, and our 2005 titles will not be in bookstores until March. We are pleased, however, to offer our newsletter subscribers a secret advance purchasing option. Place your order now, and we’ll ship your books to you in mid-to-late January. A queue is already forming, so place your order right away.

  • Just call 203.964.1888, or
  • Use the online order form at www.weddles.com (which still lists the 2004 editions). Just add 2005 after your last name in the appropriate box on the order form and we’ll ship you the new books as soon as they come off press.
  • I am also pleased to announce a new title for 2005: It’s called Career Fitness: Build Up the Satisfaction and the Paycheck You Bring Home From Work Each Day. Job security in today’s world does not come from an employment contract or a benevolent employer. It’s created when a person develops the habits of a healthy career. This book provides a diagnosis of your career fitness and then a regimen of seven practical “exercises” that will get your career into shape so that it delivers the rewards and fulfillment you seek in your work life. This practical, but inspirational book will be off press in March, but you can order your copy now. Just call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888.

    Finally, I want to thank each and all of you for your kind words, your suggestions and, most of all, for your support over the past year. All of us here at WEDDLE’s sincerely appreciate your interest in our work. We send you our best wishes for a wondrous Holiday season and for a successful and rewarding 2005.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Section Two: Site News You Can Use

    CollegeGrad.com announced the results of a survey of information sources used by soon-to-be-graduated students seeking their first job. According to the majority of respondents (58%), the number one source is the Internet. That’s no surprise, but what is astonishing is that better than four-out-of-ten of thee Web-savvy job seekers pointed to other sources. They included job fairs (15%), the campus career center (14%), classmates (8%), professors (4%) and associations/clubs (3%). In other words, while the Internet is definitely effective in probing the job market, using that medium exclusively (whether you’re a recent college graduate or a mid-career professional) will limit your access to the opportunities that are available and your chances of success.

    HomelandSecurityJobs.us launched its Web-site. The job board connects candidates with both the appropriate security skills and U.S. government security clearances to local governments, government contractors and U.S. Government agencies with openings to fill.

    TrueCareers, a division of student loan provider Sallie Mae and a job board for college educated candidates, released the results of its recent survey on employee benefits. It found that 75% of the respondents would consider a job with lower pay if an employer offered a generous benefits package. What’s generous? According to respondents, health and dental insurance is #1, tuition assistance is #2 and working at home or telecommuting is #3. Unfortunately, their intense interest in benefits notwithstanding, 60% of the respondents reported that their employer had decreased the value of its benefits package in the last 6-12 months. What should you do? Research the current state of an employer’s benefits programs and the trends in its management (e.g., what’s being prioritized and what’s being cut) before you apply and definitely before you accept an offer.

    Watson Wyatt Worldwide found that 43% of employees believe their supervisor does not provide the guidance they need to improve their performance. Such leadership lapses are more than just a minor irritation. They can hurt your performance and/or set you up for an unpleasant surprise when salary increases or downsizing decisions are announced. So, if you have a supervisor who’s unable or unwilling to provide such direction and counsel, talk to the HR Department. You have a right to meaningful and helpful feedback and you should be proactive about getting it.

    WorkMinistry.com launched its Web-site. The portal provides faith-based organizations with a national network of job postings, training and mentoring for their leaders, and career self-management resources for the members of the job support groups sponsored by such organizations.

    Section Three: Site Profiles

    Site Insite … how well do you know the Web’s 40,000+ job boards?

    1. You’re an experienced insurance salesperson looking for a new opportunity. Which of the following sites would increase the risk of your not finding an appropriate opening?

  • InsurnaceWorkforce.com
  • InsuranceSalesJobs.com
  • InsuranceSales.com
  • BrokerHunter.com
  • 2. If you’re a trained wine steward seeking a position with a hot, new restaurant, which of the following sites would provide a finely nuanced, yet robust set of opportunities?

  • iHireHospitalityServices.com
  • SommelierJobs.com
  • StarChefsJobFinder.com
  • WineBusiness.com
  • 3. You’re a skilled machinist looking for an opening with a manufacturing facility in the Midwest. Which of the following sites would throw a monkey wrench into your search?

  • BlueCollarJobs.com
  • ManufacturingJobs.com
  • JobsinManufacturing.com
  • Mjobs.com
  • (answers below)

    Site Spotlite … from the pages of WEDDLE’s 2004 Guides and Directories



    A WEDDLE’s 2004 User’s Choice Award Winner

    Post full time jobs: Yes

    Post part time, contract or consulting jobs: Yes – All

    Distribution of jobs: National – Canada

    Number of jobs: 31,000

    Salary levels of jobs: Not Reported

    Offer a job agent: Yes

    Resume database: Yes

    How long are resumes stored: Not Reported

    Restrictions on who can post: None

    Other services for job seekers: Career and job search information on-site, Links to other sites with job search and career management information, Resume database with a confidentiality feature

    Answers to Site Insite

    1. InsuranceSales.com, the site of an Internet Service Provider.

    2. All of them.

    3. Mjobs.com, the site of a vending machine company.