Feature: The 30 Best Job Boards on the Internet

Feature: The 30 Best Job Boards on the Internet

Feature: The 30 Best Job Boards on the Internet

Which job boards are best? It’s a perennial question, but also an odd one. It’s often asked and just as often ignored. We all want to maximize the employment opportunities that we see online, so we are always on the look out for high performing job boards. At the same time, however, we are all creatures of habit and have access to limited information, both of which cause us to use the same sites over and over again.

Most of us are just not as selective as we would like to be. And it’s difficult to do better … unless you have an up-to-date and accessible guide to the job boards that are currently delivering the best results. Providing such a guide is what the annual WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards are all about.

Each year, we invite those who are most expert in job board performance-the corporate and third party recruiters and job seekers who use them-to vote for the best sites on the Web. This year’s poll is our fourth, and it set a record for participation; almost 50,000 people cast their ballots during the year. We select the 30 sites with the most votes and recognize them for what they are: your winners.

This year’s results offer an intriguing perspective on the breadth of capabilities available in the online employment services industry. Among the 2007 User’s Choice Awards winners:

  • Almost a third-a total of nine sites-are making their first appearance on this year’s list;
  • Two-thirds are niche or specialty sites providing employment services for a specific career field, industry, location or affinity group (e.g., veterans, members of ethnic groups);
  • One-third are general purpose sites providing employment services for a wide range of professions, crafts and trades, industries and geographic locations; and
  • The entire group collectively presents a revealing cross-section of the key organizations and trends in online recruiting today. For example, just one site is operated by a professional association; two specialize in entry level employment for college graduates; three sites serve executives and senior level professionals; three are actually networks of sites providing access to jobs in a broader set of career fields; and two focus on employment in the healthcare industry, two on employment in the information technology field, one on jobs in sales and marketing, one on opportunities in finance and accounting, and one on openings for human resource professionals.
  • Which sites were selected? The winners of WEDDLE’s 2007 Users Choice Awards are:

    Absolutely Health Care


    America’s Job Bank

    Best Jobs USA












    HRJobs (SHRM.org)













    Yahoo! HotJobs

    Are there other good job boards out there on the Web? Of course. What distinguishes this group, however, is that actual users have taken the time to express their support for them. There’s no higher compliment a job board can receive, which is why these sites deserve to be known as the elite of the online employment services industry in 2007.

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    Section Two: Site News You Can Use

    ADP published the results of a study of 4 million reference checks conducted by employers in 2006. By industry, employers reported the following percentages of candidate submissions with discrepencies:

  • Food Stores/Services: 54%
  • Manufacturing: 52%
  • Health Services: 50%
  • Business Services: 49%
  • Retail: 49%
  • Transportation: 42%
  • Why are these findings important to you? Because they define reality in today’s job market. If you’re applying for a job, you can be certain that your employment record, education and other credentials will be checked by the employer and that misstatements will be caught. And once they are, you can be equally as certain that you will no longer or ever be considered for a job with that employer. As simplistic as it may it sound, the only effective way to compete successfully for an employment opportunity is with the unexaggerated truth.

    The Fordyce Letter, a legendary publication among staffing firms and their recruiters, published an article on the “Top 10 Resume Blunders” by Frank G. Risalvato. Among his suggestions (with my comments):

  • Don’t list overlapping jobs. Including weekend or seasonal work on your resume in addition to your full time employment only confuses employers and raises doubts about your commitment to the position they are trying to fill.
  • Don’t include overly personal information. Your resume is not the place for a description of your political activities, your participation in advocacy groups, or your marital status.
  • Do make your resume scanner friendly. Many employers now scan candidate resumes into a computerized resume management system. The technology in today’s scanners, however, does not do well with very small fonts, fonts with serifs (like the font you’re currently reading-Times New Roman), and graphics. They simply increase the risk that the scanner will garble your credentials and make your resume all but invisible in the system even when you’re the ideal candidate for an opening.
  • Korn Ferry International, Inc. has found that employers are using a new tactic to try and retain top talent. It’s best described as “title creep.” According to a study recently completed by the company, 46% of newly promoted executives report that their responsibilities on-the-job did not change; only their title did. More than 4-in-10 (42%) actually reported that their employers were consciously engaging in such a charade as a formal retention strategy. If psychic compensation is all you need in your job, then puffing up your title probably counts for a lot. However, if you come to work to be challenged and grow, then any promotion without the opportunity to do that is a hollow accolade. It is also one that could actually harm your career over the long term. Employment security in today’s workplace depends upon our continuously enhancing our expertise, and empty titles effectively block such development.

    Alan H. Nierenberg, the author of Winning the Interview Game, lists some of the most frequently asked interview questions in his book. They include:

  • What would you do in your first 90 days [at the new job]?
  • Why did you leave your last position?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What are some of your weaknesses?
  • How would your recent peers describe you?
  • I think the key to success with these and similar questions is two-fold: first you have to know the answer and second you have to practice delivering that answer clearly and concisely. Interviews are exercises in communication, so it’s important that you demonstrate your ability to know what you want to say and to say what you know.

    WEDDLE’s announced a new program especially for career counselors and coaches. Called CareerReaders, it provides:

  • Specialized research publications for career management professionals;
  • World class training on the latest trends and issues in online job search and career self-management;
  • Exclusive discounts on WEDDLE’s flagship Guides and Directory; and
  • Unlimited supplies of WEDDLE’s 2007/8 Catalog for distribution to your clients, so they too can take advantage of WEDDLE’s books.
  • Best of all, the program is absolutely free for professionals in the counseling and coaching field. CareerReaders is open only to practicing career counselors and coaches. To obtain additional information and sign up, please call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888.

    Section Three: Site Profiles

    Site Insite … how well do you know the Web’s 40,000+ job boards?

    1. Holidays bills are starting to come due, and banks are adding loan officers fast. Which of the following sites would earn a high rating for connecting you with employment opportunities in that field?

  • JobsintheMoney.com
  • LoanOfficer101.net
  • Mortgageboard.com
  • HotJobs.com
  • 2. Lots of Holiday gifts are now being quietly returned, and that’s creating jobs for experienced parcel delivery drivers. If that’s your background, which of the following sites would drop off a load of open jobs for you to consider?

  • TruckerTrucker.com
  • TruckDrivingJobsGuide.info
  • BubbaJunk.com
  • WheelJobs.com
  • 3. Parties are now being scheduled for the upcoming Super Bowl, and you want to find work as a planner with a high end catering company. Which of the following sites would serve you a feast of appropriate openings in your local area?

  • Jobster.com
  • CareerBuilder.com
  • RegionalHelpWanted.com
  • LocalCareers.com
  • (answers below)

    Site Spotlite … from the pages of WEDDLE’s 2007/8 Guides and Directories



    Post full time jobs: Yes

    Post part time, contract or consulting jobs: Yes – Contract, Consulting

    Distribution of jobs: International

    Number of jobs: 5,137

    Salary levels of jobs: Hourly, $76-100K/yr

    Offer a job agent: Yes

    Resume database: Yes

    How long are resumes stored: 1 year

    Restrictions on who can post: If registered

    Other services for job seekers: Discussion forum, Job search/career information, Links to other sites with job search/career resources

    Member, International Association of Employment Web Sites: Yes

    Answers to Site Insite

    1. All but LoanOfficer101.net, the site of a commercial training program for loan officers.

    2. All but WheelJobs.com, the site of a U.K. search firm that specializes in the automotive industry.

    3. All of them.