Feature WEDDLE’s 2004 Books Are Now Available

Feature WEDDLE’s 2004 Books Are Now Available

Feature WEDDLE’s 2004 Books Are Now Available

This is my favorite time of the year. We at WEDDLE’s work from January to November preparing our books for publication, and in December, I get to announce the new titles and tell you a little about them. It’s not a big deal in the greater scheme of things, I know, but for us, it is the culmination of a commitment to deliver the very best research and resources we can, so that you can find a new or better job and manage your career successfully.

This year is particularly exciting because we are introducing a number of new titles that we think will be especially helpful to you. Perhaps just as important, we are pleased to announce a special 10% Holiday Discount for our newsletter subscribers only on your orders of our 2004 books that are placed by December 15, 2003. But wait, there’s more. One lucky subscriber who places their order by the deadline will receive their entire order FOR FREE. It’s our way of saying thanks for your support of WEDDLE’s. Here are the details:

New Books From WEDDLE’s in 2004

WEDDLE’s 2004 Job Seeker’s Guide to Employment Web Sites Completely updated for 2004 and chock full of new sites, this “Consumer’s Report” of job boards and career portals is sure to put you on the Net to your next great job. We select 350 of the best recruitment sites on the Web and describe them in half-page profiles. There are no opinions here, just the detailed, accurate information you need to select those site(s) that will work best for you. So, stop visiting the same old sites that everyone else is using and let WEDDLE’s Guide help you find the “hidden job market” on the Internet.

WEDDLE’s 2004 Directory of Employment-Related Internet Sites Also completely updated for 2004, this Directory is the “address book” of job boards and career portals. It ensures that you’ll never be lost on the Information Superhighway. Expanded again this year, the Directory lists the name and Internet address of over 7,500 recruitment sites. No less important, it organizes the sites by career field, industry and geographic focus, so that you can locate the right site(s) for accomplishing your employment objective and career goals.

WEDDLE’s WizNotes These booklets are the “CliffsNotes” of job boards and career portals on the Internet. Each booklet presents a summary profile of the services available at the best sites in specific occupational fields or career situations. There are separate booklets for:

  • Finance and Accounting Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Recent Graduates, and
  • Executives and Managers
  • Best of all, the booklets are priced to fit within everyone’s budget. So, stop wasting your time wandering around the Web. Use WEDDLE’s WizNotes to make smart choices fast and to pick the sites that will put you on the fast rack to your dream job.

    T’is of Thee This book is about American patriotism. It is an intensely personal journal-not unlike Tuesdays With Morrie-written largely in the two years prior to September 11, 2001 and finished in the week immediately following the terrorist attacks. It recounts the year-long “conversation” between a son and his father, between a living American and one resting in Arlington National Cemetery. Their topics range from the Vietnam War to the American Dream, but always their conclusion is the same: America is as good, as vibrant, as hopeful as the patriotism of we, its people.

    To Order Your Copies of WEDDLE’s 2004 Books and Get Your 10% Holiday Discount

    Our 2004 books won’t arrive on bookstore shelves until mid-to-late January. We haven’t even had time to update the catalog on our Web-site. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to offer the books to you-our newsletter subscribers-right now. Even better, we’ll give you a 10% Holiday Discount, if you place your order by December 15, 2003. In addition, everyone who orders before the deadline will be entered in a drawing, and one lucky subscriber will receive a refund for their entire order. Now, that’s a Holiday special!

    How do you order? Just call WEDDLE’s at 203.964.1888 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. time, Monday through Friday. We aren’t really set up for telesales, but we’ll do our best to take your order and get it shipped right away.

    Why should you buy your WEDDLE’s books right now? We can think of several reasons:

  • First, you’ll know where to go online when hiring picks up in early January (which most economists are now predicting),
  • Second, these books make great Holiday gifts for friends and co-workers and even your spouse, and
  • Third, you’ll have something to read while you’re waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap.
  • Section Two: Site News You Can Use

    CareerBuilder.com released its latest report on worker trends, entitled At Work 2003: Past, Present and Future. As with previous surveys from other sources, it notes that workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their employment situation. Nearly one-in-four of the poll’s respondents are unhappy with their current employer (representing a 20% increase over 2001) and six-in-ten say they will leave for another job within two years. Do you feel the same way? If so, what should you do about it? First, give your current employer a chance. Figure out what’s driving your dissatisfaction (e.g., lack of career progress, a heavy workload, meager pay increases), and discuss the issue with your supervisor and/or the HR Department. Hopefully, they’ll resolve the problem. If they can’t or won’t, however, then it’s time to get yourself ready. Bring your resume up-to-date, do research on prospective employers, and quietly start networking with friends and colleagues. That way, as soon as the economy strengthens a bit more, you’ll be ready to take charge of your career and get it going again.

    ExecuNet, an executive-level job search and networking company, has released the results of its November poll of recruiters, and the news is good. Almost two-thirds of the respondents (63%) say that they are confident or very confident that the employment market will improve in the next six months. While that’s down a bit from the 67% confidence level in October, it is still more evidence that the pace of hiring is likely to increase and to do so soon. What should you do? Don’t rest on your mistletoe (or stop your job search activity during the Holidays). Companies that are gearing up to hire in January may not be advertising right now, but they are accepting resumes, so pick the employers for which you most want to work and send in your resume. While everyone else is standing around the eggnog, your credentials will be sitting on the top of the stack.

    Jobswithballs.com has launched its Web-site in the United Kingdom. The site specializes in the sport and leisure industries.

    TrueCareers, a job board that specializes in candidates with college degrees, announced the results of a poll of employees conducted in October of this year. It found that 78% of respondents would consider a job with lower pay if it offered a generous benefits package. What are the benefits that most employees want? According to the survey, health/dental insurance and flextime top the list. What are the least important? In this poll, at least, it was telecommuting and maternity/paternity leave. What’s it all mean to you? Be prepared. Take the time to figure out which benefits you want or need most. Then, make those benefits a part of your employment objective whenever you are in transition. As more and more employers begin to add to their workforces (and labor shortages reappear), increased competition will force them to be more creative in the benefits they offer. In other words, benefits can (and should) be one of the criteria you use to determine which employer works best for you.

    Section Three: Site Profiles

    Site Insite … how well do you know the Web’s 40,000+ job boards?

    1. If you were looking for an aviation job in Virginia, which of the following sites would leave you in a desperate state?

  • MyOwnVA.com
  • Working925.com
  • PilotOnline.com
  • TriCitiesHelpWanted.com
  • 2. Which of the following sites would be a total loss if you were an experienced retail sales clerk and wanted to relocate to Alabama?

  • BeThe1.com
  • EmploymentGuide.com
  • CreditCardJobs.com
  • AllRetailJobs.com
  • 3. If you were a graphic artist looking for a position where you could be more creative, which of the following sites would clash with your objective?

  • Focusstaff.com
  • CHBlue.com
  • Gammag.com
  • Gain.org
  • (answers below)

    Site Spotlite … from the pages of WEDDLE’s 2004 Guides and Directories



    Post full time jobs: Yes

    Post part time/consulting jobs: Yes

    Distribution of jobs: International: USA, Canada, United Kingdom

    Number of jobs: 8,332

    Salary levels of jobs: $31-50K, $51-75K

    Offer a job agent: Yes

    Resume database: Yes

    How long are resumes stored: 90 days

    Restrictions on who can post: Must be registered on site

    Other services for job seekers: Career/job search information, Links to off-site resources, Confidentiality feature for resume posting

    Answers to Site Insite:

    1. MyOwnVA.com, a site for “virtual assistants” in the United Kingdom

    2. CreditCardJobs.com, a site serving the banking industry

    3. CHBlue.com, a site for political news and opinion on Capital Hill