Give the Gift of a Bright Future This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of a Bright Future This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of a Bright Future This Holiday Season

Are you looking to do something special this Holiday season for a college-age son or daughter, an out-of-work spouse or partner or a discouraged friend or neighbor?

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Today’s Two X Two Job Markets

We’ve always known that there is more than one job market. For years, we’ve been counseled that there is the visible job market of job postings and classified ads and a “hidden job market” where openings are usually filled by referrals and networking. Those two markets continue to operate, but each is it self now divided into a labor and a talent market. They represent two very different ways of looking at working men and women and, therefore, provide job search experiences and employment opportunities that are equally dissimilar.

Whether it’s visible or hidden, the labor market is one in which people are viewed as interchangeable cogs in a commercial system. In economic terms, job seekers are a good that can be acquired in the very same way an organization purchases the desks and chairs in which its employees sit. Indeed, in some companies today, recruitment has been moved out of the HR department and into the purchasing department where it can be administered like a well oiled machine.

How can we tell if that kind of market exists in an organization? All we need to do is look at its corporate career site. A labor market is present if:

  • visitors to the site are treated as generic candidates – if, for example, sales and IT candidates are given exactly the same information about the experience of working for the organization.
  • and/or

  • the site has the look and feel of a store – if every interaction seems to lead the visitor to a transaction, to setting up a deal between a buyer (the employer) and a seller (the candidate) of labor.
  • There may be some of us who prefer that kind of relationship with an organization, but most of us, I suspect, would rather be treated more respectfully. We are not widgets, but working people who deserve to be acknowledged as individual persons of talent.

    The Talent Market Alternative

    A talent market is one in which employers seek to find and hire individuals who are better than qualified for their openings. That doesn’t mean they’re overqualified, but rather that they are “ultra-qualified.” They meet all of the requirements for an opening and are able to prove that they both can and will excel at their work. Employers believe that these persons of talent are rare so they will often compete to find them and pay recruitment bonuses and above market compensation to hire them.

    How can we determine those organizations that operate a talent market? Once again, the corporate career site will provide the insight we need. A talent market exists if:

  • visitors to the site are treated as intelligent and valued consumers – if they are given in-depth information about what it’s like to work in the organization and that information is tailored to reflect the unique interests and concerns of those in their occupational field.
  • and

  • the site has the look and feel of a farm – if every interaction seems designed to nurture familiarity and trust, the two pillars of a healthy relationship, between the employer and the individual.
  • Are there other ways to tell what kind of job market exists in an organization besides what happens at its career site? Absolutely. But that site is an easy evaluation tool to use, and with today’s two x two job markets, it’s essential that we make such assessments before making a move. Why? Because a labor market might help us get a job, but only a talent market will connect us with the challenging and rewarding work we deserve.

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