Happiness is the New Job

Happiness is the New Job

I’ve been talking a lot about talent recently.  Sadly, it’s an attribute which our culture largely reserves for professional athletes and TV dance contest winners.  The truth, however, is that we are all endowed with this gift.  Like our opposable thumb, talent is a characteristic of being human.

That said, talent isn’t easy to recognize.  Most of us have to work at discovering it within ourselves.  And, that begs the question: why bother?  Why go to all the trouble to find our talent?

The answer is in what we expect from the one-third of our lives that we will spend on-the-job.  Rather than the intermission we must endure in our more pleasurable moments, work has the potential to be something worth experiencing for itself.

You see, research has determined that we humans have access to not one, but two beneficial states.
•    One is an emotional state that researchers call “joy.”  It’s derived from our relationships with family and friends.  And, it’s most often found at home and in our hometown.
•    The second is a cognitive state that is described as “happiness.”  It is produced by facing up to and overcoming a meaningful challenge.  And according to the research, happiness is best found at work.

So, finding our talent and placing its expressing at the center of our career helps us lead a full and rewarding life.  Or to put it another way, if 60 is the new 40 and gray is the new tan, then happiness is the new job.

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