How Do You Find Your Talent?

How Do You Find Your Talent?

There are a number of psychological and cognitive tests that are used to identify a person’s IQ, emotional intelligence, type, motivated skills and abilities and more.  As helpful as they all are in helping us to learn something about ourselves, however, not a single one of them explores the intersection of what we love to do and do best – our talent.

Yet, knowing our talent and managing our career to ensure we can express and experience it on-the-job is the key to a healthy and meaningful career.  If you’re employed at your talent, you’ll likely come home from work exhausted, but you’ll never head off to the office that way.  You’ll be tired from doing your best work, not exhausted by the stress and unhappiness of tolerating or, worse, hating the work you do.

So, how do you find your talent?  As I explain in The Career Fitness Workbook, it is a journey of self discovery that unfolds as a Venn diagram.  You’ll find your talent where the following three aspects of your being overlap:
•    Engagement or what naturally fascinates and challenges you;
•    Relevance or what naturally seems worthwhile and important to you;
•    Choice or what you naturally focus on and undertake when you give yourself permission to do so.

I provide three exercises to spot this overlap in the workbook, but it can also be found by other methods.  The key is to look at biographical data, at what you can learn from what you already know about yourself.

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