Join the Career Activist Movement

Join the Career Activist Movement

Join the Career Activist Movement

The Career Activist Republic is a fast-growing movement of working Americans. It is an online community that is open to everyone. And, costs nothing to join.

Why bother?

Because the The Career Activist Republic is composed of people who believe they have what it takes to succeed, in a lousy economy as well as a good one.

  • It is a group of people who are determined to work for themselves while being employed by someone else. They don’t want to be free agents, but they do see themselves as “freed agents” – individuals who take a job to serve their best interests as well as their employer’s bottom line.
  • Career Activists believe they are “persons of talent” – individuals who are so good in their field, employers will compete to hire them for their best openings. The excellence they then deliver on-the-job increases both the satisfaction and the paycheck they bring home from their work.
  • If that’s you, the Career Activist Republic is the place you should be. There are no strings attached. No obligations or hidden requirements in joining. Just a chance to learn how you can be the best you can be.

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    Then, tell your friends and colleagues about the Career Activist Republic so they can join too. It’s the new meeting place for people who believe they can and will succeed in today’s world of work.

    A New MAD

    Most Americans over the age of twenty-five remember the life-or-death struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union. Our security during those dangerous times depended on a strategic balance called “mutual assured destruction” or MAD. Today, we have another form of MAD, one that is most accurately defined as “mutual assured distraction.” Instead of ensuring our wellbeing, however, it portends to undermine our job security and ultimately our career success.

    The original MAD stood for a very simple, but powerful concept. Basically, it meant that both the U.S. and the Soviet Union had enough firepower in their arsenals to absorb a first strike by the other and still wreck unacceptably high damages on the aggressor in a counter attack. Said another way, MAD ensured that any victory would be pyrrhic and thus not a logical course of action.

    The new MAD has similar implications. To understand why that’s so, however, we first have to recognize and accept a new fact of economic life. The Great Recession marked the start of a revolution in the American workplace. The competition in state, regional, national and global markets is now so intense and unforgiving, that America’s employers have had to change their approach to how work gets done. They have infused massive levels of new technology into the workplace in order to upgrade the productivity of their operations. They have concluded that their survival is at risk if they don’t deliver more and better quality output than their competitors, and they’ve decided that technology is the best way to do so.

    If you have any doubt about the extent of this revolution, consider this. According to a new report by McKinsey & Company, U.S. employers are now so efficient in the way work is done that it will be at least 2020 before the country will create enough new jobs for everyone. And, that’s the most optimistic assumption.

    This productivity revolution has also quietly and irrevocably changed the definition of a “qualified worker.” It is now no longer enough to do a job. In order to be hired and then hold onto that job in this new environment, we have to excel at our work. We have to provide a contribution to our employer’s productivity that is as great or greater than that which can be provided by technology. And, to put it bluntly, we can’t perform at that level if we’re constantly checking the latest updates we’ve received on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

    The Assured Distraction of Social Media

    Some claim that checking into LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook on the job is a benign activity. Typically, they assert that it’s no different than regularly checking one’s email. It’s something we can do without interrupting our concentration or diminishing our output. After all, we live in an era that celebrates multitasking as a way to get more done in the same amount of time.

    But, here’s the rub: the effectiveness of multitasking is an urban legend. Research confirms that whether you’re 22 or 62, trying to do two things at once ensures that neither will be done well. By definition, one task interrupts the other, and such interruptions have a profoundly negative effect on productivity. In one study reported in Harvard Business Review, for example, it took workers an average of 25 minutes to return to full effectiveness after an interruption. In another study commissioned by Hewlett Packard, researchers determined that the IQ scores of knowledge workers actually fell 10 points when they were regularly interrupted.

    What’s mutual about this distraction? Both parties – the sender and the receiver of social media communications – are harmed by the activity. Each interrupts their work performance, and each suffers potentially fatal damage to their productivity by doing so.

    Checking social media on-the-job is, therefore, a form of “mutual assured distraction.” And, distraction has consequences. We may have been able to get away with such behavior in the past. In today’s hyper demanding business environment, however, it is, to borrow a phrase, a formula for assured destruction … or what most of us call unemployment.

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