Land a Great Job or Advance to a Better One

Land a Great Job or Advance to a Better One

Land a Great Job or Advance to a Better One

Job board BROKERHUNTER and I have teamed up to offer a new Webinar Series entitled Xtreme Success: How to Prosper in Today’s Xtreme Job Market & Workplace. The 5-part series kicks off next Tuesday, May 21.

Here’s the site’s description of the program.

A free program, Xtreme Success is specifically designed for anyone seeking to land a new job or advance to a better one in their career.

There are plenty of Webinars on old fashioned, traditional job search tactics. This 5-part series isn’t one of them. Xtreme Success changes everything. It enables you to radically reshape – and dramatically upgrade – how you and your work are seen by employers. It will position you to increase both the paycheck and the satisfaction you bring home from your job.

Based on Peter Weddle’s best sellers, The Career Fitness Workbook: How to Find, Win & Hang Onto the Job of Your Dreams and A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream, these five 30-minute webinars present the principles and practices for successful job search and career success in the REAL world of work that exists today.

The sessions are open to anyone and are designed to help everyone, regardless of their years of experience or seniority in the workplace.

Registration is almost full! SIGN UP TODAY and attend each session. Click on the links below to get your spot at each of the five webinars in this series:

May 21: Session 1. Today’s Xtreme Workplace & Job Market.

May 23: Session 2. The Xtreme Success Mindset.

May 28: Session 3. The Xtreme Success Strategy.

May 30: Session 4: The Xtreme Success Program.

June 4: Session 5: The Xtreme Success Record.

I hope you’ll be able to join us!