WEDDLE’s Xtreme Success Webinar Series
How to Land a Great Job & Advance to a Better One

“The WEDDLE’s Seminar has been held in cities around the country to rave reviews; in fact, more than 95% have said they found the seminars to be both very informative and very helpful.”
~ The Wall Street Journal

There are plenty of Webinars on old fashioned, traditional job search tactics. This 5-part series isn’t one of them.

Xtreme Success changes everything. It enables you to radically reshape – and dramatically upgrade – how you and your work are seen by employers. It will position you to increase both the paycheck and the satisfaction you bring home from your job.

Based on Peter Weddle’s bestsellers, The Career Activist Republic and The Career Fitness Workbook, the Webinars present the principles and practices for successful job search and career success in the REAL world of work that exists today.

The series is designed to help everyone, regardless of their years of experience or seniority in the workplace. So, view each of the Webinars below or, to get even more out of the sessions, purchase Peter’s books and then follow along as he presents Xtreme Success – the only program that will teach you how land a great job and advance to a better one.

Please note that the Webinars were originally presented to the job seekers and career activists using BrokerHunter.com, so you will hear a brief introduction from that site at the beginning of each program.

Session I. Today’s Xtreme Workplace & Job Market

Today’s job market and workplace pose extreme risks for everyone. If you’re unemployed, it’s harder than ever before to find work, and if you’re employed, it’s just as hard to hang onto your job or get a better one. The job search and career advancement strategies you used in the past simply do not work in this new and treacherous environment. To succeed, you need to know how employment has changed and what that change demands of you – you need to practice Xtreme Success.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why everyone in the workforce – employed and unemployed alike – is now at risk.
  • The key dynamic in this new environment – a new definition of “qualified.”
  • The three elements of the revolutionary Xtreme Success strategy.
  • How the Xtreme Success strategy will give you “career security” – the ability always to be employed and always by an employer of your choice.


Session II. The Xtreme Success Mindset

The foundation of Xtreme Success is your adoption of a different workplace persona. This new self-image changes the way you see yourself and, as a consequence, the way you are seen by employers, whether you’re in transition or on-the-job. It liberates you to believe in your own capacity for excellence at work. It does so by centering you on your inherent source of peak performance – the intersection of what you love to do and do best – so you know where and how you can succeed and actually enjoy doing so.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The Xtreme Success mindset – the new self-image required for career security in today’s economy.
  • Why this mindset creates a new and level playing field – a job market and workplace where you have a fair and equal shot at success.
  • The three exercises that will pinpoint and tailor this new mindset for you.
  • How to ensure you stay committed to and always benefit from the Xtreme Success mindset.


Session III. The Xtreme Success Strategy

The Xtreme Success strategy is specifically designed to protect and promote you in the harsh employment environment of the post-recession economy. It builds on the Xtreme Success mindset to establish two channels of action for personal development. These channels enable you to get out ahead of the continuous changes that occur in today’s workplace so you are their master, rather than their victim. They prepare and position you to look your best in the job market and to do your best work on-the-job.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How the economy and other factors are changing the requirements for employment.
  • The two channels of action you can take to protect yourself from those changes.
  • The best way to implement these actions in a job search and on-the-job.
  • How the Xtreme Success strategy combats both age discrimination and a lack of work experience.


Session IV: The Xtreme Success Program

The Xtreme Success program acknowledges the unspoken reality of modern employment: you’re on your own in both the job market and the workplace. While that situation presents extraordinary challenges, it also opens up extraordinary opportunities, but only if you know how to capture them. The Xtreme Success program integrates state-of-the-art techniques and still powerful traditional practices into a single, comprehensive action plan that tells you what to do, how to do it and – unique to Xtreme Success – how often to maximize the employment benefits for you.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How the Xtreme Success program fills a critical void that’s preventing job search and career success.
  • The seven activity areas of the program and their organizing metaphor.
  • How to execute each of the activities to optimize their contribution to your success.
  • The occupational and psychological benefits you will derive from using the program.


Session V: The Xtreme Success Record

Historically, job search and career documents – your resume and performance appraisal record – were developed exclusively for the benefit of employers. The Xtreme Success record, in contrast, is a document you create for yourself. It is your way of memorializing the “career victories” you have achieved in the job you have or for the job you want. It frees you from having to rely on either your employer to maintain your career progress or your supervisor to notice your contributions on-the-job.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why an Xtreme Success record is important in today’s unpredictable, often chaotic workplace.
  • The basic structure and components of the record and the best way to develop them.
  • How to use the record to achieve sustained success in your own career.
  • The competitive advantage the record will give you in today’s job market.