Look Around the Corner

Look Around the Corner

The observation has been said so much, it’s become trite.  Nevertheless, it’s true.  Change is the new norm.

What does that mean for Career Activists?  As Exercise IV: Increase Your Flexibility and Range of Motion in The Career Fitness Workbook indicates, you have to look around the corner all the time.  You must constantly be on the lookout for the changes that are occurring in your:
•    Career field
•    Industry
•    Employer
•    Boss
•    Home town.

Now, to be clear, looking around the corner does not mean you have to become a futurist.  Looking around the corner isn’t an exercise in predicting what will happen down the road.  It is, instead, the process of (a) observing the present carefully, candidly and constantly and (b) extrapolating from that known point to its logical outcome in the next 12-18 months.

Why bother?

Because that 12-18 month period is your window of opportunity.  It the time you have to take the only three steps that will preserve your career security.  Use it to:
1.    figure out what (if anything) you must do to respond to the change and its likely outcome,
2.    make the necessary preparations to execute that response effectively, and
3.    implement the response at the right time and in the right way to ensure its optimum impact on your career.

As I’ve often said, Career Activists are the masters of the changes in their career, not their victims.  And, the reason that’s so is because they’re always looking around the corner.

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