Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Modeled after Pinterest, offers four channels of information and resources found nowhere else on the Web. And, one of those channels is specifically tailored for smart Job Seekers – those who want to find not just any job, but a great one!

What’s in the Job Seekers channel at There are:

  • Books & Tools for job search and career success
  • An archive of outside-the-box Job Search Tips
  • An Association Directory organized by career field & industry
  • A Career Fitness evaluation that will help you strengthen your credentials
  • And much, much more!

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The Divergent Job Seeker

If you have a young adult in the house, you probably have heard of the book series entitled Divergent. Now a hit movie, it’s the story of a young girl who doesn’t fit the mold in a dystopian future society. Unlike most of her peers, she isn’t defined by the accepted attributes of her group, but instead forges an identity that is unique to her. In very general terms, that’s exactly what those in transition must do to succeed in today’s tough hiring environment.

While there are exceptions, most of the openings advertised online -whether they appear on a job board or a social media site – attract dozens, sometime hundreds of applications. The challenge for all of the people represented by those applications is to distinguish themselves from the herd. Or to put it another way, to have a credible shot at getting an interview and thus landing a job, they have to find a way to appear divergent.

In the old days circa the 20th century, the key was to make your resume distinctive. Job seekers printed it on colored paper, used a non-traditional font or even tied a shoe to it (to get their foot in the door). They used a surrogate – that artificial, two-page document – as a stand in for their work capabilities so they would stand out in the job market.

Today, a stand out resume isn’t enough. Employers want a more comprehensive portrait of prospective employees and they’re turning to two kinds of sources to get it: social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and “people aggregators” like Entelo and HiringSolved that scour the Web to collect all of the information about an individual available anywhere online. So, the best way to set yourself apart isn’t by developing a distinctive resume; it’s by developing a distinctive reputation. Resumes are still very important, but reputations are even more so.

A Distinctive Reputation

A distinctive reputation would typically be built over the course of your career. This “employment reputation” would encompass (among other things):

  • What you did at your previous jobs and how well you did it;
  • Your contributions to your field at your professional society or trade association;
  • Your relationships with previous coworkers, bosses and classmates; and
  • Your career track record, including your promotions and special assignments.

In addition, of course, a distinctive reputation is also built by what you didn’t do, especially online. Sadly, a lot of people have damaged their reputation by posting inappropriate pictures or obscene or defamatory messages on social media sites.

So, how do you take all of that and turn it into a distinctive reputation during a job search? How do you make the reputation you’ve already established look divergent to employers? The answer itself is divergent: you have to avoid muddying your employment reputation by wrapping it in a job seeker veneer.

You may be looking for a job, but you don’t want that to be an employer’s first impression of you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a job seeker, but positioning yourself as one in the job market can overshadow your employment reputation and make you look like every other person in the job market.

To be distinctive in that environment, therefore, take steps that will reinforce your reputation as a seasoned and capable employee in you r field. For example:

  • Don’t spend a minute on job search-related blogs, LinkedIn groups or Facebook pages. Instead, invest your time at sites dedicated to your career field and industry.
  • Don’t be a lurker on those sites and simply read what others are saying. Instead, contribute your expertise to the discussion, wherever possible, citing your employment experience to bolster your comments.
  • Don’t be invisible at the local and national meetings of your professional society and trade association. Instead, attend their meetings, join their special task forces and get involved in their other activities.
  • Don’t attend the meetings of those groups as a job seeker. Instead, interact with others as a confident and capable peer in your field.

Once you’ve done that – once you’ve reinforced your employment reputation – then connect to those you’ve met on those career field and industry blogs and at those society and association meetings to let them know you’re looking for the next step in your career. You’ll stand out in their minds because you’ll have behaved differently than everyone else in transition. You’ll look divergent.

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Get the Advice That Works

There’s plenty of free job search and career advice on the Web. But, if that’s all it takes to be successful, we wouldn’t still have so many Americans out-of-work and finding it so hard to get reemployed.

The reality is that too much of what you find online is incomplete (a short article here, a blog post there), out-of-date (posted before the Great Recession changed everything) or just plain wrong. So, if you’re looking for strategies and tips, tactics and techniques that will actually work in today’s tough economy, make an investment in yourself. Get one or more of the books below:

A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream. This modern-day epic traces the journeys of three out-of-work professionals searching for answers in today’s seemingly nonsensical job market. Along the way, they discover the secret to “career security” and the pathway to real and lasting success.

The Career Fitness Workbook. This book introduces a complete regimen of activities that will help you successfully compete for and hang onto the job of your dreams. Think of it as “the habits of highly effective career activists.”

The Career Activist Republic. This blockbuster of a book provides a provocative yet positive assessment of the changing world of work in the American economy and describes an innovative strategy that will enable you to avoid the pitfalls and capture the opportunities in this new environment.

The Success Matrix: Wisdom from the Web on How to Get Hired and Not Be Fired. This anthology collects the best of Peter Weddle’s columns on job search and career success. It is the only book you’ll find that provides a candid and totally up-to-date look at how to get and stay ahead in today’s workplace.

Recognizing Richard Rabbit. This fable for adults will entertain and delight you and help you out of the boxes that keep you from becoming the champion inside you. It is a novel and engaging way to recognize the talented person you are meant to be.

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