Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Make Your Job Search Headquarters

Modeled after Pinterest, offers four channels of information and resources found nowhere else on the Web. And, one of those channels is specifically tailored for smart Job Seekers – those who want to find not just any job, but a great one!

What’s in the Job Seekers channel at There are:

  • One of a kind books & tools for job search and career success
  • An archive of outside-the-box, get-it-done-now Job Search Tips
  • An Association Directory with job boards organized by field & industry
  • A Career Fitness evaluation that will help you strengthen your credentials
  • And much, much more!

So, make the place where you start your job search day! And, encourage your friends to join you there, as well.

Career Fitness: Build a League of Advocates

Way back in 1956, the psychologist George Miller wrote a paper describing the limits of human memory. His research found that the number of objects we humans can hold in short term working memory is 7 ± 2. That’s the amount of information we can effectively process at any one point in time. It’s also an instructive way to look at the limits of our networking. While we can certainly connect with, follow and friend an almost unlimited number of people, we can only build genuine working relationships with a handful at any one point in time.

Unfortunately, many job seekers now view networking as a contact sport. They believe that the more contacts they have on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, the more likely it is that one of those contacts will help them find a job. To them, it’s simply a matter of numbers. But stop and think about it: if all it took to find a great full time job was a big, fat address book, wouldn’t just about everybody now have the job of their dreams?

The truth is that networking is not a contact sport; it’s a team sport. It’s not a matter of numbers; it’s a commitment to relationships. And if you’re over the age of fifteen, you’ve learned two things about relationships: they take time and they’re hard work. And there’s the challenge to effective networking during a job search.

While most of us invest considerable time in building personal relationships, we’re much less proactive about doing so with our work-related acquaintances. We know those relationships can be helpful both in our career and a job search, but focusing on our work seems more important because it promotes job security. Except in today’s turbulent workplace, it often doesn’t. And when our job suddenly evaporates, we’re faced with the daunting prospect of trying to network in crisis mode.

A Better Approach

Networking as a contact sport is the equivalent of networking with strangers and produces very little of consequence in a job search. According to my 2015 Source of Employment Survey – an annual survey of both job seekers and recruiters – just 2.2 percent of job seekers found their last job by networking on a social media site. Those interactions are normally superficial and fleeting and the exact opposite of the familiarity and trust that characterize relationships.

It’s that familiarity and trust which causes people to want to help you in a job search and in your career. They will support and advocate for you IF you have taken the time to get to know and support them. That’s the Golden Rule of Networking – you have to give as good as you get. To have the time and space necessary to develop such relationships, however, you have to limit the number of people with whom you build them. You have to forego drive-by contacts and commit, instead, to building a League of Advocates.

A League of Advocates should be composed of just 7 ± 2 people. They should include:

  • At least one former boss
  • A current or former mentor
  • At least two former coworkers
  • and

  • At least one industry or career field peer who is not a current or former coworker (e.g., someone you met through your professional society).

These are the individuals you will hold in your “working memory.” They are the ones with whom you will process regular and meaningful interactions, giving them the interest and support they deserve so they will, in turn, become your advocate and supporter. How do you do that? Get to know them as individuals, and then look for ways to be helpful to them. You might find an article on the Web they would enjoy reading or you may hear about an event they would like to attend – whatever it is, they should see your interaction with them as both something of value and a kind gesture by you.

Admittedly, a League of Advocates isn’t as powerful as a League of Super Heroes, but it’s the next best thing to having champions on your side in a job search.

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Career Fitness: The Book

Are you frustrated by the hundreds of job search and career building techniques you’ve read and heard about? For many of us, all those options can be totally overwhelming. How do you know which are the most effective? And what’s the best way to perform them? And how often should you use them to find a great new job or a better one?

Well, now you can get the answers to all of those questions in one inexpensive, easy-to read resource. The Career Fitness Workbook introduces an easy 7-step system of job search and career development activities that will help you successfully compete for and prosper in the job of your dreams.

The Career Fitness system presents the 7 most powerful job search and career development techniques, tells you how to perform them effectively AND how often so you achieve your goals both in a job search and your career. So, don’t delay. Get The Career Fitness Workbook today! It’ll increase the reach, endurance and strength of your job search and lift your career to heights you could only imagine before.

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The Unbiased Connection to Great Jobs

For over 15 years, WEDDLE’s has published the leading guidebook to job boards and career portals. WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet is considered the Gold Standard for job seekers and career activists. In fact, no less an authority than Dick Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, rated the Guide “Highly recommended!”

Now, you can sign up for WEDDLE’s Job Alert and get your very own, private and totally unbiased connection to some of the best career advancement opportunities on the Web.

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What’s the Best Job Board?

If you’re tired of reading the pundits’ picks for the best employment sites on the Web, here’s the alternative you’ve been looking for.

Each year, WEDDLE’s hosts an online poll for job seekers and recruiters to vote for THEIR picks of the best sites. We call it the WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards.

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