Putting the Boom Back in Baby Boomer Careers

Putting the Boom Back in Baby Boomer Careers

I recently wrote a series on job search best practices for those over the age of fifty (or even approaching that artificial boundary). It’s called Putting the Boom Back in Baby Boomer Careers.

Why focus on them?

Because more than any other group in the workforce, Baby Boomers (and those at the leading edge of Gen X) have felt the brunt of the Great Recession and today’s tepid recovery. According to news reports, they have suffered a disproportionate share of the layoffs, endured the longest job searches and had to contend with the evil of age discrimination.

Despite this grim picture, however, I believe that “older workers” still have a bright future in the American workplace. That’s the foundation for the set of practical steps I’ve described in Putting the Boomer Back in Baby Boomer Careers.

The titles of and links to the three columns in the series are:

To Be a Winner in Today’s Job Market, See Yourself That Way

To Plug the Gap in Your Resume, Act as If the Gap’s In You

To Build a Strong Career, Become an Expert in Career Fitness

I hope you enjoy them. And remember what your mother taught you: It’s nice to share. Please tweet, phone and email your friends and neighbors about the series and encourage them to read it too.

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