Re-Imagine Yourself as a “Person of Talent”

Re-Imagine Yourself as a “Person of Talent”

We talk a lot about talent in this country. Recruiters say they’re in a War for Talent. The television tells us America’s Got Talent. But, what the devil is it?

Our popular culture seems to imply that talent is either an exceedingly rare or indisputably exceptional skill. A pediatric nurse or a Super Bowl quarterback has talent, but a customer service rep or accountant doesn’t.

Happily, that’s not true. You see, talent is not a skill or an occupation. It is the capacity for excellence. And, that capacity is an attribute of our species. All of us have been endowed with an innate ability to excel.

The tragedy is that most of us don’t know what our talent is. We’ve never taken the time or made the effort to discover it, so we aren’t able to express and experience it in our career. At least not consistently or reliably or with any degree of confidence.

We labor away in some occupation – we spend one-third of our life on-the-job – but we never fully tap into our capacity for excellence. And, that disconnect precludes us from feeling fully engaged in our work or fulfilled by accomplishing it.

How do you pinpoint your talent? As the exercises in my book Work Strong reveal, talent is located at the intersection of passion and practicality. It is where what you love to do meets up with what you do best.

So, re-imagine yourself as a “person of talent.” Find your special gift, give it the attention and care it deserves and then bring it to work with you every single day. You’ll increase both the paycheck and the satisfaction you bring home from work.

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  1. Whats the benefit of submitting to international directories then? My friend owns a small business in England but he’s not really sure because the majority of directories are US based