Run From the Undead Employers

Run From the Undead Employers

As depicted in the new movie World War Z, a common scene in a vampire movie these days is to have the hero or heroine –and preferably both – run from a ravenous horde of the undead.  It’s a behavior we would do well to copy in the job market.

Today’s job market is infested with a horde of undead organizations best described as “unemployers.”  These entities are inhuman employers that prey on workers.  They achieve success by sucking the life out of those they employ.  They often make a lot of money (especially for their investors and CEOs), but consume their employees to do so.

Unemployers are like vampires.  They lurk among the general population of good, decent employers, posing as their peers on well dressed corporate career sites.  They post pretty pictures of their facilities and hide the fact that they’re in financial trouble and planning for layoffs.  They make grand proclamations about providing the resources you need to be successful on-the-job, and then renege or scrimp on that support.

Unemployers sink their teeth into you and count on the lousy job market to hold you in place.  So, what happens?  You plod along in an abusive culture that drains you of your ability and your motivation to excel.  You lose the pride you used to take in your work and the sense of satisfaction you earned from doing it.  When you work for an unemployer, you are so debased you become a shrunken version of yourself and can no longer achieve career success.

How do you protect yourself?

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  1. Great article and absolutely correct. I had a telephone interview with the hiring manager that started 10 minutes late and instead of her apologizing, she opened the discussion by saying that she didn’t have much time so let’s get this over with….. Not a big surprise since the recruiting department displayed the same attitude during the pre-screen process. Even if they had made an offer, I would not have accepted it.

    Please keep up the blog and advice – I’m also forwarding it to my kids so that they remain vigilant.

    Best regards