Seeds of Change & Hope

Seeds of Change & Hope

What is occurring today could only happen in the United States of America. Its roots are the American birthright. Its essence re-imagines the American Dream.

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Excerpt Number 3, September 20, 2010.

Seeds of Change & Hope

America’s workers are now experiencing a dramatically more episodic form of work. The notion of a relatively stable and predictable job spent entirely with a single employer or even in a single industry or occupational field has, for some time, been a fast-fading memory from a slower and simpler economy. The new approach to staffing that employers are beginning to implement will now dramatically accelerate that transformation.

This resetting of business as usual may serve the interests of corporate America, but to America’s workers, it is a one-two punch to the gut of their future. It is an assault on each and every person individually and on the entire workforce collectively.
• As jobs drip-drip-drip out of the American workplace, every working man and woman feels as if they are being subjected to a brutal new form of torture—employment waterboarding.
• And, as the tenure of their employment continues to shrink in every corner of the workplace, they sense that they are being cast adrift by a new kind of environmental disaster—the national warming of work.

Any change is jarring, but these changes are so extreme, they are rocking the foundation of America’s sovereign self-confidence. For many, they have even sheared off the credibility of the American Dream. The steps now being taken by the nation’s employers are leaving America’s workers unsettled, unsure and, increasingly, unable to find their way forward in what is a workplace undergoing profound and seemingly incomprehensible revision.

Beneath the surface of this new and troubling employment landscape, however, seeds of hope are germinating. As difficult as the visible changes may be to understand and appreciate, they are nurturing the just emerging shoots of a positive transformation. They are pushing a truly liberating and beneficial epoch of employment up and out into the American workplace.

Though some may long for the more familiar circumstances of the past, this new period will not return the world of work to what it once was. It does not direct American workers back to where they were, but instead, frees them to move forward to what they can be. This fresh season of their possibility breaks through the stone-like restrictions that have long held the nation’s workers down and blunted their natural growth and promise. It opens a new and more fulsome time of opportunity for America’s working men and women.

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