The Affordable Career Act

The Affordable Career Act

With all the talk about the Affordable Care Act, I got to thinking about the Affordable Career Act.

Millions of Americans go off to work each day not realizing there are hidden vulnerabilities gnawing away at the health of their career.  After all, they’re employed so what’s to worry, right?  Well, to quote a phrase, here’s the inconvenient truth: Taking care of your employer isn’t always the best prescription for a robust career.

As with your physical health, your career can be sick long before any outward signs appear.  Often, for example, people are so dedicated to accomplishing their employer’s work, they don’t realize they’re falling behind in their field.  They continue to get good performance appraisal scores even as their ability to do superior work or move up to additional responsibility declines.  So what happens?  The minute their employer’s needs change, they go from superior performer to obsolete discard.

What must you do to protect yourself?

As I explain in The Career Fitness Workbook, you must now conduct your own performance review every quarter.  Unlike an employer’s performance appraisal, your review doesn’t evaluate what you’ve done in the past, but rather how prepared you are to do your best in the future – in your field and on-the-job.  Think of it as preventive medicine for your career … and one of the most important aspects of the Affordable Career Act.

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